Let’s Play With English; Red Verb Quiz, Level 2 B

This is another verb quiz in the series “Let’s Play With English.” If you follow these quizzes and do them, your English will improve. The goal is to make 80% or higher on these quizzes. If you don’t, it means you need to study that level more. This is the second red verb quiz on the second level. The second level is to teach modals and negative verbs. Modals are words that give emotion or mood, not time markers like tense. Negatives are verbs that say “no.” You can study a blog I did yesterday if you want more information about modals and negative verbs. The first blog in this series has a list of the red verbs, and you can also find them at the end of the blog just before this one. The red verbs are the most used verbs. Knowing how to use them speeds you on to fluency faster. Choose modals, verbs that go with modals, and negative verbs. If you need a “to,” don’t forget it. There are optional answers for each one, and you can find the answers at the end to check yourself. Good Luck!

Let’s play!

Red Verb Quiz, Level 2B

  1. ______________I _______________some dinner for you?
  2. I ______________________these questions. They are too hard.
  3. It is 10:00. I ____________________ the class. Please sit down and be quiet.
  4. I ___________________________at 6:30 in the morning if I want to be at school by 9:00.
  5. I ______________________the game every time!
  6. It is 9:00, and I will leave at 10:00. I ___________________to be ready on time.
  7. She __________________________in an elementary school.
  8. Turn the television up. I ____________________.
  9. If we want God, we ______________________close to him.
  10. My friend sent me a message during class, so after class, I ___________________her back.
  11. I _____________________English well, so I can travel.
  12. She fell and broke her leg, so she _______________________as a waitress.
  13. He likes to watch Micheal Jordan play basketball because Micheal Jordan __________________higher than anyone else.
  14. Calling me by my family name is too formal. You ______________________me Mary if we are going to be friends.
  15. My hair is getting to long. I ______________my hair cut.
  16. That girl over there is so pretty! I __________________her. Will you introduce me?
  17. I am so hungry! I _____________________something.
  18. I love you. Do you think you ______________________me?
  19. She wins the game every time! I _____________________again and again because I want to be the winner!
  20. My coat is too old. I ____________ go to E-Mart and _____________a new one.

Answers: 1. Should, cook or Should, get or Should or Should, buy 2. don’t like 3. must start or must begin or have to start or have to begin or should start or should begin or want to start or want to begin 4. must wake up or must get up or must rise or have to get up or have to rise or have to wake up 5. must win or want to win or have to 6. want 7. wants to teach 8. can’t hear 9. must go or must get or must come 10. must answer or have to answer 11. must speak or have to 12. can’t work 13. can jump 14. must call or should call or have to call 15. must get or should get or have to get 16. must meet or have to meet 17. I want to eat or I must eat or I have to eat 18. could love 19. must play or have to play 20. have to, buy or have to, get or must, buy or must, get or should, buy or should, get or want to, buy or want to, get.

You don’t need a class to learn.

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