Let’s Play With English: Pink Verb Quiz, Level 1C

This is the last verb quiz on the first level. If you have gotten this far, you have done three red verb quizzes and two pink verb quizzes before this. I hope they have helped your knowledge of how to use simple present tense, simple past tense, present continuous or progressive tense, and simple future tense. If you don’t have a list of the pink verbs, you can look at the first blog in this series that is the introduction to “Let’s Play with English” or you can look at the first pink verb quiz, level 1A. If you are unsure of the tenses, look at the second blog in the series “Let’s Play With English” because it explains the tenses used on this level. It also has a list of all the forms of the past tense for pink as well as red verbs. These are the verbs used the most. Red verbs are used more than the pink verbs, but the pink verbs are also very important. On this quiz, you will learn not only verb tenses, but also usage. After this quiz, the next quizzes will be level 2, and so new verb tenses. For this quiz, just fill in the correct verb in the right verb tense. There are clues in the sentences. The answers are at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

Pink Verb Quiz, Level 1C

  1. I have done something bad. Please ______________me so we can continue being friends.
  2. When someone throws the ball, I _____________ it.
  3. when I _________ ______________, please bury me net to my mother.
  4. Someone ______________ on the door, but I didn’t open it.
  5. The preacher _________ _______________ about forgiveness of sins next Sunday.
  6. I like to play games, but I always ________________.
  7. the teacher ____________me learn verbs. I had no choice.
  8. She ______________me how to get to the bus station from KCU; he walked there with me.
  9. He _________________me with a birthday present on my birthday yesterday.
  10. If I go, then the dog _____________ ______________behind me.
  11. “Stop hitting me! You _________ _____________ me!”
  12. Michael Angelo __________________the ceiling of the chapel.
  13. After they lit the candles on my birthday cake, then I ____________ out the candles.
  14. The baby in the apartment next door ________________ all night and kept me awake, so I had a hard time waking up this morning.
  15. When you shout, you _________me, so please don’t shout.
  16. Bill ________ ______________Sarah next week in the wedding hall at Gangseu-gu.
  17. When I am finished with KCU, I __________ _______________ an English teacher.
  18. I want to remember, but I always ___________________.
  19. The mother always _______________ her child.

answers: 1. forgive 2. catch 3. pass away 4. knocked 5. will preach 6. lose 7. made 8. showed 9. surprised 10. will follow 11. are hurting 12. painted 13. blew 14. cried 15. scare 16. will marry 17. will become 18. forget 19. built 20. protects or punishes or hurts or stops or forgives

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