Let’s Play With English: Pink Verb Quiz, Level 1B

This is the second pink verb quiz on the first level. The list of pink verbs can be found in the blog for the Level 1A pink verb quiz and in the first blog in the series “Let’s Play With English.” The verb tenses used on this first level are simple present tense, simple past tense, present continuous or progressive tense, and simple future tense. You can find an explanation of those tenses in the second blog in this series. You can also find a chart that has all the past tense forms for the pink as well as the red verbs in the second blog. In this quiz, you choose the right verb and the right tense and put it in the blank. The answers are at the end, but don’t peek until you have done the quiz. These quizzes were designed to for Freshman English majors at Korea Christian University to help them learn to conjugate verbs and write better sentences. If you do all the verb quizzes, your English will get better. They not only teach verb tenses, but also usage. Good Luck!

Pink Verb Quiz 1B

  1. He likes to _______________ pictures of people with a black pen.
  2. the Korean military and the American military ______________________S. Korea from N. Korea.
  3. He __________to watch a television program in English to make his English better.
  4. When the taxi came close to my house, I said to the taxi driver, “_____________ here.”
  5. The child __________ _______________because he just broke his favorite toy.
  6. She _______________ tomatoes in a pot on her balcony.
  7. the big bad wolf said, “I will huff, and I will puff, and I will _____________ your house down.”
  8. In the history of Korea, the teachers ________________the students by spanking them.
  9. The prisoner _________________from prison through a tunnel in the ground.
  10. the preacher said, “Repent and be baptized, and God will ________________ your sins.”
  11. A polite way to say “die” is __________ ______________.
  12. They all hid and jumped out with the birthday cake and yelled, “______________!” when she came in the room.
  13. Do you ______________ very much television?
  14. The baseball player _______________ the ball and put the other player out.
  15. I ________ _______________ on the door. I hope they let me in.
  16. How much money do you ________________ from your job every month?
  17. The ghost _______________the man, and the man screamed and ran away.
  18. Don’t ________________. I can hear you.
  19. The boy was so in love that he ______________ the girl everywhere and drove her crazy.
  20. He __________himself in the car accident, so the ambulance had to take him to the hospital.

Answers: 1. draw 2. protect 3. chose 4. stop 5. is crying 6. grows 7. blow 8. punished 9. escaped 10. forgive 11. pass away 12. surprise 13. watch 14. caught 15. am knocking 16. earn 17. scared 18. shout or yell 19. followed 20. hurt

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