Let’s Play With English: Pink Verb Quiz, 1A

If you have been doing the verb quizzes on my blog, this is the fourth quiz. If you want to find the list of pink verbs, you have to go back about five blogs to find the list of pink verbs, but I have also included them at the end of this blog to make it easier for you. The pink verbs are used often, but not as often as the red verbs. That is why I always give the red verbs first. However, these verbs are important too. The only tenses used on this level are simple present tense, simple past tense, present progressive or continuous tense, and simple future tense. These tenses are all explained in the second blog in this series, and you can also find a list of pink verbs with their past tense there. On these quizzes, you fill in the blanks with the correct verb and the the correct tense of the verb. The answers are at the end. If you make 80% or higher, you are ready for the next level (level 2) and don’t need the other level 1 pink quizzes, but if you get less than 80%, you need to go back and study before you take another level 1 pink verb quiz. These quizzes are designed to help you learn to not only conjugate, but also know how to use the verbs in a sentence. Look for the clues in the sentences. They get harder and harder so you can go up in your English level by doing them. Good luck! (I think it is important to say that there are many religious questions because these were originally made for Koreans at a Christian university, and they needed to learn to talk about what they did all the time.)

Pink Verb Quiz, Level 1 A

  1. Mary Park _______ ____________ John Kim next summer in a wedding hall in Seoul.
  2. John __________________ the baseball, and I caught it.
  3. The preacher _________________a great sermon last Sunday!
  4. He told us that Christ __________________ our sins if we follow him.
  5. He _______________ for his book because he lost it.
  6. If you go to E-Mart, they ________________food, computers, clothing, blankets, dishes, books, DVD’s, and many other things.
  7. He is a Korean/American. He was born in Korea, but he ________________up in America, and now he is back home in Korea.
  8. My father ________ ___________ the first year I came to Korea, and they buried him in the cemetery in Granbury, Texas.
  9. Do you like to _________________ Korean dramas on TV?
  10. He _________________me because he yelled so loudly!
  11. The preacher said, “Jesus __________ ________________at the door. Won’t someone let him in?”
  12. The little boy cried because he father ___________________him because he threw his plate and broke it.
  13. The wind _______________hard if there are no hills to stop it.
  14. His mother _________________him do the dishes after dinner yesterday.
  15. I studied for the test, but I _________________all the words.
  16. I _______________you didn’t get hurt when you fell down.
  17. When you go to work, you _______________money.
  18. Peter said, “You are the Christ, the son of the living God,” and Jesus answered, “On this rock, I ____________ _____________ my church.”
  19. I _______________home to go to school at 7:30 on Monday mornings.
  20. If you are ________________ for Jesus, you will find him.

Answers: 1. will marry 2. threw 3. preached 4. forgives 5. searched or looked 6. sell

7. grew 8. passed away 9. watch 10. scared or surprised 11. is knocking 12. punished 13. blows 14. made 15. forgot 16. hope 17. earn 18. will build 19. leave 20. looking for or searching for

Pink Verbs

escape throw fall marry pass away

become watch preach forgive kill

change choose lose shop shout, yell

sell catch talk protect leave

think cry earn grow blow

draw die forget break follow

hope punish surprise knock paint

stop show build hurt scare

make (noun or pronoun) do (force) search (look for)

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