Let’s Play With English, Red Verb Quiz, Level 1C

This is the third quiz on the first red level. There are two more quizzes before this one. To complete this quiz, you will want the red verb list from the introduction to this series of blogs. You will also want to read the second blog in this series because it tells you how to conjugate the verbs as well as gives you a verb chart for the simple past tense of the red verbs. On this quiz, you only need to know simple present tense, simple past tense, present progressive or continuous tense, and simple future tense. They are explained in the second blog in this series. This is the last quiz on the first red level. After this, we will do pink verb quizzes until we get to the second level. Just fill in the blanks with the right verb and make sure it is in the right tense. When you are done, you can check yourself at the end because the answers are at the end of the quiz.

Red Verb Quiz, Level 1C

  1. He _______________until 11:00 everyday.
  2. When I am finished with KCU, I __________ ______________ at the elementary school.
  3. I __________ too much kimchee yesterday.
  4. I _______________ English everyday because I want to do a good job.
  5. He tells funny jokes, so I _____________________.
  6. I ____________ you. I want to marry you.
  7. I ______________to music on the bus.
  8. He ______________in Mokdong.
  9. When a teacher asks a question, I ___________________the question.
  10. I ______ __________ late this morning, and it made me late for class.
  11. She _____________cookies for her children.
  12. The game is finished, and I ___________! I am so happy!
  13. Let’s ________________at the coffee shop after school.
  14. I ___________a good class yesterday.
  15. We _____________for our health.
  16. I ________ ____________ at a singing room tomorrow.
  17. When I get a good job, I ___________ ______________ a house.
  18. He ________________ to school everyday.
  19. The teacher is _______________, and I am listening.
  20. Be quiet. I __________ _______________ the class now.

Answers: 1. slept. 2. will teach 3. ate 4. study 5. listen 6. love 7. listen 8. lives 9. answer 10. got up 11. makes or bakes 12. won 13. meet 14. had 15. run or walk 16. will sing 17. will buy 18. walks or goes 19. talking or speaking or teaching 20. am beginning or am starting or am teaching.

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