Let’s Play With English: Red Verb Quiz, Level 1B

This quiz is connected to the three blogs just before it. You will need the red verb list from the first blog and the explanations of the verb tenses from the second blog in this series to do well on this quiz. All the blogs in this series will be called “Let’s Play with English,” so you can find them easily. If you didn’t make at least 80% on the quiz just before this one, you need to study again and take this quiz. It uses only simple present tense, simple past tense, present progressive or continuous tense, and simple future tense. Look for the clues and fill in the blanks. The answers are at the end.

Red Verb Quiz, Level 1B

  1. I ___________dinner today.
  2. She _____________every morning in the park before school.
  3. I ____________lunch with my friend yesterday.
  4. He ________________in the karaoke room every week.
  5. I ____________to the beach last summer.
  6. She __________ ______________English, and I can understand! 🙂
  7. When the teacher asks a question, I ______________ the question.
  8. I _________ _____________________ a quiz.
  9. My friend _________________the piano.
  10. We ______________________for our health everyday.
  11. Christians ________________________before their meals.
  12. I ___________________and write in English.
  13. The Bible class teacher _______________________us to be kind last Sunday.
  14. I __________the book on the table yesterday.
  15. I __________in Seoul, but my home used to be in Busan.
  16. I ________ ________________to the coffee shop after school.
  17. I _______ _______________coffee at the coffee shop with my friends after school.
  18. I ________ ___________ a good grade on this quiz.
  19. I open the book, then I _________________ the book.
  20. I like to _____________to music with my MP3 player.

Answers: 1. cook or eat. 2. runs or walks 3. ate or cooked 4. sings 5. went 6. is speaking 7. answer 8. am taking 9. plays 10. run or walk 11. pray 12. read 13. taught 14. put 15. live 16. will go 17. will drink 18. will make 19. read 20. listen

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