Let’s Play With English, Introduction

When I was teaching at Korea Christian University, I taught a class called “Sentence Writing” to prepare the students so they could take their first essay writing class. The sentence writing class was necessary because Korean grammar and English grammar as so completely different that even the definition of a sentence is completely different between the two languages. One of the things I did for that class was to teach them how to use English verbs. I developed a set of verb quizzes. The quizzes used the most used verbs in English. They had several different levels that started with the easiest verb tenses and slowly graduated and got harder and harder. The students worked on these quizzes in a lab type atmosphere. If they took one quiz on one level, they had to get 80% or above to go on to the next level. If they didn’t get 80% or above on a quiz, they had to take another quiz on the same level. By the time they were finished with all the levels coupled with the sentences patterns I was teaching, they were writing perfect sentences. They really enjoyed the verb quizzes because they said they were like playing a video game. They were competing against themselves. Yesterday, I was talking to a friend of mine who taught at KCU when I taught there, and she was wondering if she could get a copy of my verb quizzes. After the conversation, I decided that perhaps I should share those verb quizzes on my blog because you guys may enjoy doing them as much as my students did.

A gift from me to you

There are two sets of verbs: the red verbs and the pink verbs. I gave them the colors because I also invented a card game that uses verbs that are color coded in the same way. I will begin by giving you the verbs, then I will give you the quizzes one by one and tell you which level they are on and which set of verbs they use. At the end of each quiz, I will tell you the answers. I hope you enjoy them as much as my students did.

The Red Verbs

jump listen close come be

do put speak like meet

start, begin sleep drink get work

write read take say ask

cook sing buy play give

go sit eat learn smile

make find look want win

run wait teach live call

wake up, get up, rise answer love hear

dress, put on have laugh

Pink Verbs

escape throw fall marry search (look for)

become watch preach forgive kill shout (yell)

change talk catch protect leave

think cry earn grow blow

draw die forget break follow

hope punish surprise knock paint

stop show build hurt scare

make +(noun or pronoun) +do =(force) pass away

If you decide to follow this course. you will be doing something that university freshman English majors were doing at KCU.

This is just an introduction. In the next blog, I will explain the verb forms used on the first level, and then after that. I will begin putting the quizzes there to see how you can do. At the beginning of each level, I will explain which verbs and the verb tenses used on that level. At the end of each quiz, you will find the answers. If you don’t do well, I suggest you do all the quizzes on that level for more practice. If you do well, you should go on and try the next level. If you have done all the quizzes on one level, then the only thing you can do whether you have done well or not is go on to the next level. However, I only encountered one student out of hundreds who just couldn’t seem to master these quizzes, so I am sure you can do it. If you have any questions about the quizzes or the answers, you can always leave a question in the place for comments on that blog for me to answer. Good luck!

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