Seoul Botanical Park

Last winter, they built a park not far from my house. I drove past it often thinking I wanted to go check it out and blog about it, but it was winter. Everything looked so bleak, and they hadn’t planted any flowers that had had a chance to grow and bloom yet, so I knew none of the pictures would be very appealing. I decided to wait until they were finished and the weather was warmer. I went past the park again today and decided to walk around and see what they had. This park is on a highway between Gayang and Magok dong in Gangseu gu, Seoul, S. Korea.20190709_140833.jpg


The park is built around a man made lake with a big fountain. There are lots of flowers. Some of them you can tell were planted intentionally, and others are wild flowers. There are also picnic tables if anyone wants to picnic. The park is actually not very big.


The most fun part I saw was the fountains and small swimming pool where the children and some adults were playing. There were people sitting next to the shallow pool on blankets picnicking just as if they were at the beach. People are there having fun, but hardly anyone knows about the place because it is so new.

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