“Refugees Are Not Immigrants”

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I just read an article I had to tell you about because I loved it and I agree, but only to a point. Someone asked a Japanese why they didn’t let refugees into Japan. The Japanese response was, “Are you crazy? Refugees are not immigrants.” I can appreciate what they say. They went on to say that if they let refugees in, they would be flooded with people from North Korea and China which they don’t want at all.

Would you like to be shot while you are praying? It happened.///Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

If they had thought, they also don’t want a lot of radical Muslims blowing things up. That is what those of us who are Americans who have lived in Muslim countries understand about America letting Muslims in. You never know if they are a radical Muslim or not, and if they are radical, you have trouble. If they are a lukewarm Muslim who doesn’t care, but just does what they have been taught from birth, but don’t particularly believe it all, you don’t have to worry about them. Those kinds are not going to blow up anything, but the radical ones will. The problem is, how do you tell the difference? You can’t, and America has let some of them in, and they have shot people while they are in church worship services and burned church buildings down.

I would rather do this than leave that baby outside even if I am taking a chance it might grow up to be a bad person.//Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

The Japanese think the Americans are crazy for letting people in. They say once people know you let people in, everyone comes in, and they say that is why America is having the problem with people wanting to come into America illegally. I understand exactly what they are saying. It is nice to live in a world where you don’t have to care about anyone else. There is a big difference between Americans and Japanese. Christianity has had an influence in America, but Japan doesn’t even like Christians. I completely understand the Japanese response. In many ways, I agree. However, in other ways, it is hard to agree.

It is easy to say, close all the doors. Close all the gates. If they aren’t already in, don’t let anyone in. It keeps a lot of trouble out. However, it might also keep children who are starving dying on our door step. It might keep good people who have been treated bad and deserve a second chance dying on our door step. America is in a moral crisis that other countries except maybe England can’t really understand. We don’t want violence being brought into our country. We want our citizens to be safe, but we also care about human beings. We don’t want to be overrun with all the people coming up through Mexico, but we don’t want them to die either. Some are saying perhaps the solution is to go to their countries and set up programs to make their lives better, perhaps. We are in a very awkward position.

Most Japanese are not Christians. They haven’t been taught the Christian compassion that can be found in America and other places in the world. If you are a Christian and see hurting people, you feel compelled to help. However, you have to make sure that the snake is tame and doesn’t plan to bite you the moment you put your hand out to help it out of trouble. The Japanese say, “Kill the snake. It doesn’t matter if it is poisonous or not.” I understand, but I have never killed anything, not even a snake. If I don’t have to, I never want to be responsible for any death. Americans are in a moral crisis.//Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There was a time that America decided to stay away from the rest of the world. We were doing fine alone. However, Japan didn’t let it stay that way. The whole world was fighting, and Japan decided to attack Pear Harbor and force America to join the fighting in World War II. I love Japan. I have Japanese people in my family, but they don’t have the attitudes that some other Japanese have. My Japanese son in law loves being a foreigner in America. He tried working for some Japanese in America, and he backed away from them because he said they were cheating people. What would the Japanese say if America began keeping them out of America because of Pearl Harbor or because they found Japanese cheating people in America? They would think we were really unfair. America has forgiven Pear Harbor, and we are sorry we had to drop big bombs to stop Japan from fighting with us. However, we are not crazy. We are compassionate. We want to protect our people just like the Japanese do, but we also don’t want to see people dying because we didn’t help when we could. We are in a bad place for sure, but we are not cold hearted toward anyone. America has cared so much that it has hurt us. We know that refugees aren’t immigrants, but we also aren’t crazy.

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