“Sing and Be Happy” (Cant si Fi Fericit)

Buna Seara. Astazi am primit niste cantecele noua din o biserca pe care doar vorbeste limba ingles aici in Seoul pe care este departe de unde locuiesc yo. (Today, I received some new songs from a church that speaks only English here in Seoul that is far from where I live.) De asta sunt obosita, dar sunt fericita. (Because of this I am tired, but I am happy.) Am primit niste cantecele foarte buna. (I received some really good songs.) Acum te trimesc unul dintre cantecele. (Now, I am sending you one of the songs.)

Sing and Be Happy

Cant si Fi Fericit

Vers 1; (Verse 1)

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If the skies above you are gray,

Daca cerul deasupra sunt gri,

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You are feeling so blue.

Te simpti atat de trist.

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If your cares and burdens seem great

Daca grijele tale si povara simpte greu

All the whole day through,

Prin toata ziua,

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There’s a silver lining that shines

Exista captusiala arginta ce stralucire

In the Heavenly land.

In pamant de cer.

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Look by faith and see it my friend.

Uite prin credinta si vezi, prietenul meu.

Trust in his promises grand.

Ai incredele in promisuinile lui.


Cor; (Chorus)

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Sing and you’ll be happy,

Cant si vei fi fericit,

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Press along to the goal,

Treci mas in fata la tinta,

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Trust in him who leads the way

Ai incredele in el pe care ne conduce

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He will keep your soul.

El va tine sufletul tau

Let all be faithful

Lasa tot sa fie credencios

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Look to him and pray,

Uite la el si te ruga,

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Lift your voice and praise him in song,

Ridica voce tau si il laud cu cantecele,

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Sing and be happy today.

Cant si fi fericit azi.

Vers 2; (Verse 2)

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Often we are troubled and tired,

Des suntem turbulat si obosit,

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sick with sorrow and pain,

Bolnav cu necaz si durere,

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There are others living in sin

Exista altele pe care sunt pacatosi

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Blessed with earthly gain.

Binecuvantat cu castig de pamant

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Take new courage, we cannot tell

Fi curajos, noi nu situm

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What the morrow may bring

Ce maine poate sa ne duce

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When the dark clouds vanish away

Cand nore intuneric despara

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Then your heart truly can sing.

Atunci inima ta poate sa cant.

Vers 3; (Verse 3)

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Oft we fail to see the rainbow

Des nu putem sa vad curcubeu

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Up in Heaven’s fair sky

Sus in Cer frumos

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When it seems the fortunes of earth

Cand se apara comoara de pamant

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Frown and pass us by

Incrunta si ne trece


There are things we know that are worth

Exista lucru pe care stiam ca au valuare

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More than silver and gold.

Mai mult decat argint si aur.

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If we hope and trust him each day,

Daca avem speranta si credinta in el fiecare zi,

We shall have pleasures untold.

Noi vom avea placerele nespus.







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