“I Come to the Garden Alone” (Vin la Gradina Singura)

Buna Seara. Sper ca ati avut o zi buna. (I hope you had a good day.) Am avut o zi buna con familia mea si cu prietnea nostru. (I had a good day with my family and our friend.)  E Simbata, si noi tot am mers la cinematografia astazi. (It is Saturday, and we all went to the movies today.) Daca vrei sa sti despre ce am vazut, poti sa citisti cele alte blogul. (If uou want to know what we saw, you can read the other blog.) Acum, asi vreu sa te trimesc un cantec spirtual. (Now, I would like to sent you spiritual song.)  Cantec acest este foarte frumos. (This song is very pretty.)  Vorbeste despre timpul pe care vorbim cu Dumnezeu, si ne face sa simpt foarte cald inintru. (It talks about the time that we talk with God, and makes us feel very warm inside.) Sper ca o iti place cum o imi place eu. (I hope that you like it like I like it.)

I Come to the Garden Alone

Vin la Gradina Singura

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VERS: (Verse)

I come to the garden alone,

Vin la gradina singura,

While the dew is still on the roses,

Cand roua mai este pe trandafire,

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And the voice I hear

Si vocea pe aud

Falling on my ear

Cadand pe orechea mea

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The son of God discloses.

Fiul lui Domnul vorbeste.


COR: (Chorus)

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And he walks with me,

Si el plimba cu mine,

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And he talks with me,

Si el vorbeste cu mine,

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And he tells me I am his own;

Si el imi spune ca sunt a lui.

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And the joy we share as we tarry there,

Si bucurie pe care impartam cand asteptam,

None other has ever known.

Cele alte niciodata n-au stiut.


VERS: (Verse)

He speaks and the sound of his voice

El vorbeste si suna de voce lui

Is so sweet the birds hush their singing,

E atat de dulce ce pasare nu mai cantand,

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And the melody that he gave to me,

Si melodie pe care el imi a dat,

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Within my heart is ringing.

Inintru de inima mea rasuna.


VERS: (Verse)

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I’d stay in the garden with him

Asi vreau sa stau in gradina cu el.

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Though the night around me be falling

Chair si daca noapte vine in jural meu

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But he bids me go

Dar el imi spui sa merg

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Through the voice of woe

Prin voce lui de suparare

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His voice to me is calling.

Voce lui  imi cheamand.



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