Another Spiderman Movie

This afternoon, my Korean son in law was true to form.  He always knows when the super hero movies are on and makes sure to get us all there. This afternoon, my son in law, my daughter, our friend Hanul, and I went to see the new Spiderman movie together. As usual, Spiderman was a cute, bright high school kid who talked too much, and we got to know more of his high school friends as well as some bad guys that were supposed to be in the background of previous movies, but had banded together in this movie.

There were super hero things for sale in the lobby. If you wanted, there was a Spiderman popcorn container.

In the beginning of the movie, Peter Parker, Spiderman, was going on a school trip to Europe with his class.  He was trying to figure out how to get M. J. to go steady with him.  He told his buddy his plan to get close to M. J. on the trip, and his friend told him to forget M. J. because they are going to be merry bachelors in Europe available to lots of girls. Samuel L. Jackson played a good guy, and he was busy trying to get a hold of Spiderman in the beginning because he needed his help in saving the world, but Peter Parker, Spiderman, was ignoring his calls because he wanted to go to Europe with his class.  Happy, a guy who was dating Peter’s Aunt May, knew that Peter was Spiderman, and he knew that Samuel L. Jackson was trying to get a hold of Peter and urged him to answer the calls, but Peter Parker ignored him.

However, it seemed that Spiderman couldn’t evade Samuel L. Jackson because he showed up when Peter got to Europe and took him away from his group and introduced him to the team that was there needing his help and gave him computerized glasses from Iron Man.  A guy the news in Europe dubbed as Magnifico was supposed to be from another Earth from another dimension, and he was there supposedly helping Samuel L. Jackson, and acted like he is a friend to the young Spiderman. Iron Man was dead, and many of the other super heroes weren’t dead, but they were busy off doing something else, so Samuel L. Jackson really needed Spiderman’s help.  In fact, he didn’t realize exactly how much he needed Spiderman’s help.  However, Spiderman was still just wanting to be a kid. They seemed to let him off the hook so he didn’t have to be the one who saves the world, but it was a ruse.

The news in Europe dubs the man standing behind Spider man as Magnifico.  Initially everyone thinks he is a hero, but he is just the opposite.

On the plane on the way to Europe, there was an unexpected twist of events among the students. Peter was trying to figure out how to sit next to M. J., and his buddy tried to help him, but there was a mix up.  Everyone misunderstoond, and the teachers intervened, and Peter ended up sitting between the teachers, his buddy ended up sitting next to a girl, and a boy who was trying to compete with Peter for M. J.’s attention got put next to M. J.  Peter’s buddy who told him they didn’t need girlfriends because they were going to be merry bachelors playing the field in Europe got a girlfriend on the plane, but Peter didn’t have a chance to talk to M. J. like he wanted.

Everyone thought the enemy in this movie was huge elemental monsters of water, fire, etc.  However, what they thought were monsters were merely holograms like in Star Trek’s hollow deck.  The monsters were virtual reality that came from projectors put out there by Magnifico and his cohorts.  Magnifico used to work for Iron Man, and Iron Man decided he was unstable, and he fired him.  When Iron Man left his computerized glasses to Spiderman, Magnifico wanted them, and he tricked Spiderman out of the glasses. The glasses are connected to satellites, and can be dangerous in the wrong hands.  However, Magnifico got Samuel L. Jackson’s trust, and therefore, Spiderman didn’t even question him.  Spiderman didn’t want to have to save the world and be the next Iron Man. He wanted to be a kid, enjoy his class trip to Europe, and chase M. J.  Magnifico told him it was okay, and he didn’t have to help, that he understoond and Spiderman should go enjoy his class trip.  Magnifico got Spiderman’s trust, and Spiderman decided that Magnifico should be the next Iron Man instead of him and gave him Iron Man’s magnificent computerized super glasses. –Big mistake!!

A movie poster with Spiderman in the foreground, Samuel L. Jackson on the left, and Magnifico on the right.

M. J. helped Spiderman figure out that Magnifico was a bad guy and the monsters he has been fighting were only holograms.  She also eventually agreed to be Spiderman’s girlfriend.  When Spiderman figured out that Magnifico lied to him to get Iron Man’s glasses he was worried, and he thought he had to tell Samuel L. Jackson.  He took off to meet Samuel L. Jackson in Germany.  When he arrived, Magnifico changed reality through hollow technology.  Spiderman thought Samuel L. Jackson picked him up, but it was Magnifico using the hollow technology.  He completely overwhelmed and confused Spiderman and almost killed him, but Spiderman got away by attaching himself to a train going through a tunnel and accidentally ended up in Holland where it was cold. He passed out, and some guys from jail rescued him, and Spiderman ended up in jail. When he woke up, he let himself out of jail and called Happy, the guy Aunt May was dating.  Happy came in an airplane to rescue him and brought him Spiderman clothing.

There were cups for sale in a glass case that had Spiderman standing on the top spinning a web.

They had to make it back to London to save Spiderman’s high school friends from Magnifico. Magnifico figured out that M. J. and Peter Parker’s buddy knew about him being the bad guy. He thought he killed Spiderman, and he then decided he needed to kill the other kids before they told anyone. He actually kidnapped and overwhelmed the whole student group, but guess what—I was tired and dozed off!  Spiderman saved the day, but I didn’t see how it happened.

When the student group made it back to America, I woke up. Peter wanted his buddy and his girlfriend to double date with him and M. J., but it isn’t going to work because Peter’s buddy and his girlfriend broke up on the plane on the way back to America.  He told Peter he was no longer a boy, but a man because he has had a girlfriend and also broken up with his girlfriend, and his ex-girlfriend thought he was completely wise. The writers still needed to resolve  and end the movie, and they had some interesting ideas.

Peter didn’t realize that Aunt May and Happy were dating, and I also woke up to Peter drilling Aunt May and Happy trying to get information out of them about how long they had been dating and how serious it was. While they were trying to explain, he said that he had to go because he had a date. He took off in his spider costume swinging through the buildings.  He picked up M. J. and took her swinging through the buildings with him. She was overwhelmed!  When he put her down, she said she didn’t want to do that anymore.  After he put her down, a large TV came on, on the side of a building. It was telling news from Europe.  They had some last minute footage of Magnifico before he died saying that Spiderman murdered him because he wanted to be Iron Man instead of Magnifico.  The whole world thought Magnifico was a hero. They didn’t realize he was a bad guy, and in the footage, he made Spiderman out to the be the bad guy.  Magnifico also told everyone that Peter Parker was Spider man.  –The movie ends!

They set everyone up for another movie where everyone thinks Spiderman is a bad guy and knows his true identity.  How is Spiderman going to get out of this? How is he going to prevent everyone from trying to kill him?  He can’t hide as Peter Parker because everyone knows his true identity.  Spiderman is in trouble.  They want us all to be sitting on the front of our seats waiting for the next movie. We got to know good guys, bad guys, and cute guys in this movie. The good, cute guy who talks too much and wants to be a kid is in trouble in the end.

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