“Why do You Wait, Dear Brother” (Dece Astepti, Draga Frate)

Buna seara. (Good evening.) Ce faci azi? (How are you today?) Tot este bine aici. (Everything is fine here.)  Astazi, m-am decis sa te trimesc un fel de cantec special. (Today, I have decided to send you a special kind of song.)  Cred ca astfel de cantecele vine din traditia din America. (I think these kinds of songs come from American tradition.)  Stiu ca sunt alte tarele pe care au avut crestinismul mai lung decat America, dar si noi avem un pic de traditiele. (I know that other countries that have had Christianity longer than America, but we have a little bit of American traditions.) La sfarsitul de slujba a lui Dumnezeu, noi vrem sa spune la tutor ca Dumnezeu astepte pentru ei.  (At the end of the worship service of God, we want to tell everyone that God waits for them.)  La sfarsit este cand oameni merg in fata de cele alte si cere rugaciunele deosebit sau cere sa devine un crestin. (At the end is when people go in front of the other people and ask for special preayers or ask to become a Christian.)  Noi cantam un cantec de invitatia. (We sing a song of invitation.) Acest cantec este un cantec de invitatia. (This song is an invitation song.)  Daca cantam cantecul acest, o cantam la sfarsit de slujba. (If we sing this song, we sing it at the end of the worship).

Why Do You Wait, Dear Brother

Dece Astepti, Draga Frati

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Why do you wait, dear brother,

Dece astepti, draga frati,

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O, why do you tarry so long?

Dece astepti atat de mult?

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Your savior is waiting to give you

Mantuitorul tau astepte sa iti da

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A place in his sanctified throng.

Un loc in multime lui santificat.

Why not? Why not?

Dece nu? Dece nu?

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Why not come to him now?

Dece nu vine la el acum?

Why not? Why not?

Dece nu?  Dece nu?

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Why not come to him now?

Dece nu vine la el acum?




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