America’s National Anthem (song)

shallow photography of usa flag
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The Star Spangled Banner

By Frances Scott Key


Oh, say can you see

photo of woman walking on seashore
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By the dawn’s early light

men standing near flags
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What so proudly we hailed

rock formation on sea during dawn
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At the twilight’s last gleaming

flag of america
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Whose broad stripes and bright stars

two men in military clothing with guns
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Through the perilous fight

shallow focus photography of black ship
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O’r the ramparts we watched

low angle photo of fireworks
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Were so gallantly streaming.

purple red white and orange fireworks display
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And the rocket’s red glare

abstract bay boats bright
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The bombs bursting in air

light new year s eve fireworks sylvester
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Gave proof through the night

man wearing combat hat and top looking up near flag of america
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That our flag was still there

usa flag waving on white metal pole
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Oh, say does that star spangled

Banner yet wave

O’er the land of the free

And the home of the brave



Frances Scot Key wrote this during the Revolutionary War.  He was on a ship watching the fighting, watching the bombs bursting in air.  He was watching to see if the American flag was still there, and it was, and it still is.  The Star spangled banner is the American flag.



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