A Korean Hanbok Store

I have been going by this store for a while thinking that the people who read my blog would probably like to see it. Today, I had time, and I stopped to show you what is there.  the hanbok is Korea’s traditional clothing, and this store specializes in lady’s hanboks. They can be completely stunning!  I talked to the lady who ran the store, and she told me she made all the clothes in that shop herself.

This is the front of the store.  The name of the store is “Bangshin Pomok,” and the phone number is below it. Above the name of the store, there is a sign saying a church meets there.


This is the picture window at the front of the store.
The little lady who makes all the hanboks.

When I went in, I actually caught this lady brushing her teeth.  Koreans seem to brush their teeth more than any country in the world. I am always catching Koreans brushing their teeth.  I asked her if I could get her picture after she was finished brushing her teeth, and she consented. I thought she would put her toothbrush away, but she didn’t. If you look in her hand, she is still holding it.

Hanboks for little girls

Lots of beautiful women’s hanboks

The main dress part of the hanboks
Lots of beautiful jackets to go over the dress part of the hanbok
She even makes long underwear to wear under the hanboks.

She puts all kinds of beautiful embroidery on the hanboks.

She has a store to be proud of. It is full of beautiful things that she made by hand. I have never bought a Korean hanbok, but they are expensive.  My daughter’s mother in law bought one for me when my daughter got married because she wanted me to wear it in the wedding, and I went a long with her and wore it. They custom made a hanbok to fit me even down to the shoes. These are beautiful and elegant.  I only saw women’s and girl’s hanboks in this shop, but there are also men and boy’s hanboks that are pants and a shirt to match also.  Until western style clothing came to Korea, this is what the women wore everyday.  Now, they are just for special occasions.

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