Korean Mr. Pizza

Today, we took Hanul out for lunch for her birthday. We went to Mr. Pizza.  I have heard they have Mr. Pizzas in America, but I have never seen one in America.  If they are in America, they are probably different from the Korean ones.  The young people in Korea have totally accepted pizza like the American people have. Most people know it was originally Italian, but other countries like it too, and Koreans call it “peejah.”  As I looked at their menu, it seems they had taken lots of English terms and Koreanized them for their menu.  They call Koreanized words “Konglish.” There was a lot of Konglish at Mr. Pizza.

Here is the picture from the place mat of the sea food pizza.  In Korean, the big letters under the pizza in red read “shee-poo-du ah-eel-len-du.”  They have written English with Korean letters.  In English, it is “Seafood Island.”  It also has the different parts of the pizza labeled.  On the left to the bottom, the label says in Korean “be-te-pul-ra-ee  se-oo.” You may think it is all Korean, but it isn’t, only the second word.  The second word, “see-oo” means shrimp.  The first word, “be-te-pul-ra-ee” is supposed to be butterfly in English written in Korean letters, and the Koreans were in awe that I couldn’t figure it out. At the top right, the label on the pizza says, “ko-ko-neot & se-oo.”  I have already told you that “se-oo” means “shrimp,” and “ko-ko-neot” is an English word, “coconut.”  The other label says in English letters “sol-bang-ool o-jing-eo.”  “sol-bang-ool” means “pine” like “pine cone,” but I have no idea what it has to do with this pizza except maybe it is the shape they cut the squid in because “o-jing-eo” means “squid.”  That is what is on this pizza.


We ordered two types of pizza today.  We let Hanul begin because it was her birthday, and then we added a regular pepperoni pizza to what she ordered. She ordered a sea food pizza.  Her sea food pizza was a bit strange for me, so I was glad we decided to order something plainer like a pepperoni pizza too.

Here is the seafood pizza.

When the seafood pizza came, you could see the little white things toward the middle that were squid and the shrimp easily. You could see the coconut on the larger shrimp toward the rim easily too.  However, there was a sauce on the shrimp that puzzled us all.  All of us tasted the sauce because we were curious, and no one knew for sure what that greenish looking sauce was.  I thought perhaps it was pineapple, but my Korean son in law decided it was lemon sauce. It was sweet, and you could tell it had sugar in it.  I was right that this seafood pizza was just a bit too much souped up for me to enjoy. However, my son in law and Hanul both enjoyed it.

This is our pepperoni pizza.

Many Americans have eaten pepperoni pizza.  I have learned that we can only get it in restaurants here.  I have tried buying what was labeled “pepperoni” in the grocery store here and made pepperoni pizza at home with it, but the Koreans take the “pepper” part of “pepperoni” literally, and that pepperoni from the store was so spicy I didn’t try that again.  I usually make hamburger or cheese pizza at home now, and everyone enjoys it.  We ordered one with a cheesy crust which meant we had extra mozzarella cheese baked inside of our crust, and it was good.

The menu was round like a pizza.
Any time you get pizza in Korea, they will bring you pickles to eat on the side.  They brought us pickles and garlic butter.
My Korean son in law and the pitcher of Pepsi. My daughter is explaining to him that pitchers of Coke are normal, and he is surprised.

When my son in law saw me taking pictures, he said, “Oh! Oh! Take a picture of the pitcher of Pepsi!”  We were all puzzled why he wanted a picture of the pitcher of Pepsi. We told him we had those in America too.  He said it was the first time he had seen them bring a pitcher of Pepsi to the table, so it is a new thing for the Koreans to get a pitcher of a beverage at the table. In many American restaurants you get free refills with your drinks too, but in Korea, there are no free refills.  When we first came to Korea, we could get free refills at Burger King, but they stopped it. The Koreans would buy one small drink and everyone at the table would get a straw and share it drinking after one another and just keep refilling it. The Koreans were going to break Burger King with their habit of sharing food and drinks, so Burger King stopped the free refills.

Here are some other things that were in the room.  The first picture is a salad bar with the soda pop machine behind it.  The second one is a pizza bar. If you want to pay one price and sample lots of different kinds of pizzas, you can. and the third one is of the counter where you pay.

Their pizza delivery motor cycle

My son used to work pizza delivery in America when he was in college, and the pizza place had a fleet of small cars for the guys to drive to deliver the pizzas, but here in Korea, they use motor cycles to deliver pizzas.  They also do delivery from McDonald’s, Burger King, and other Korean restaurants here, and they always use motor cycles for their restaurant food delivery here. Restaurant food delivery is very, very normal in Korea.  Sometimes, they even bring regular glass plates full of food. When I was teaching at the university, if we had to work late, often someone would order out from some Korean restaurant, and they brought us dinner while we were working, then they came back for the plates later. We are always finding fliers left taped to our door from restaurants with their phone numbers in case we want to order out.

Hanul brought a gift for my daughter. She ordered it off the internet because she knows my daughter draws. You can draw digitally with this and put it on the internet. Hanul has one and thought my daughter would like one. She just did it out of friendship.
The front of Mr. Pizza

I usually drive a car everywhere I go, but I have been walking a lot lately, and today, we were on foot again.  I left my car for several days at the car shop because I am letting them clean all the scratches off it.  Yes, my car has been accidentally scratched in the parking lot by people, and then they drive off and say nothing or maybe don’t even realize they did it.  Korean parking spaces are really too small.  I also found a place where my car had been keyed.  If you have never heard of that, they take their keys and deliberately vandalize the car scraping it along the side of the car with their key. My car is silver, and I also saw where someone had dripped green paint on the hood of my car. No one has been painting close to my car as far as I know.  I decided I needed to get all the marks cleaned off my car because Koreans are really into beauty, and I want to sell my car because we are going to Oklahoma at the end of the summer.  Not having a car is convenient and inconvenient. No one wants to walk, especially in the hot weather. However, there was no place to park around this restaurant which is normal in Korea, so I didn’t have to worry about where I was going to park. I stopped and took a picture of the front door of the restaurant for you, and then we took a taxi to the mall to get Hanul a gift since we didn’t know until we got to church this morning that it was her birthday.  She always remembers our birthdays, so we wanted to be sure and treat her right on her birthday too. She brought my daughter a gift today, and it isn’t my daughter’s birthday.

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