“I Have Found a Friend in Jesus”(Am Gasit un Prieten in Isus)

Buna Seara. Ce faceti azi? (How are you guys today?) Sunt bine. (I am fine.) Astazi, am gasit un cantec pe care am cantat cand am fost in Oklahoma cand am fost in liceul. (Today, I found a song that I sang when I was in Oklahoma when I was in high school.) Intotdeauna, imi placut cantecul acest. (I always liked this song.) Daca nu stiti unde Oklahoma este, e America, si este apropriat nord de Texas. (If you don’t know where Oklahoma is, it is America, and it is just north of Texas.) Duminicele, o data pe luna, tot bisericii din mult orasele mici au adunat si au cantat impreauna.  (On Sundays, one time a month, all the churches from many small towns gathered and sang together.) Ei au cantat cantecele ca asta si mult cele alte. (They sang songs like this and many others.)  Atunci, ca acum, am mers la bisercia fiecare Duminica. (Then, like now, I went to church every Sunday.) Am avut mult distratie. (I had a lot of fun.) Curand, Voi mergi in apoi la Oklahoma, si sper ca ei mai fac lucru distractie cum ei au facut atunci. (Soon, I will go back to Oklahoma, and I hope that they still do fun things like they did then.) Acum, asi vreau sa te trimesc un cantec din Oklahoma pe care imi placut foarte mult. (Now, I would like to send you a song from Oklahoma that I liked a lot.)

I Have Found a Friend in Jesus

Am Gasit un Prieten in Isus

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I have found a friend in Jesus,

Am gasit un prieten in Isus,

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He is everything to me,

El e tot pentru mine,

He’s the fairest of ten thousand to my soul;

El e cel mai frumos din zece mie la sufletul meu;

The lily of the valley,

Crinul a lui vale,

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In him alone I see

In el doar vad

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All I need to cleanse and make me fully whole,

Tot am nevoie sa ma curata si ma faca tot plin,

In sorrow, he’s my comfort,

In suparare, el e comfortul meu,

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In trouble, he’s may stay.

In necaz, el e stalpul meu.

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He tells me every care on him to roll.

El imi spui fiecare grijele sa il trimesc.

He’s the lily of the valley,

El e crinul a lui vale,

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The bright and morning star,

Stea stralucire din dimimeata,

He’s the fairest of ten thousand to my soul.

El e cel mai frumos din zece mie la sufletul meu.

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