What Do I Admire Most About the Korean People?

I have been here for fourteen years, and I have gotten to know Korea and its people, and there are things that I think are wonderful about the Korean people. Just as each people group has their strengths, Koreans definitely have theirs. Koreans love other Koreans, they love God, they love wisdom, and most of the have an innate purity.  Those are the things I admire most about Korea.

Koreans really love other Koreans.  They are a very community oriented people.  They don’t go home and spend their time alone.  They love to be around the others.  Besides that, they love to help one another as well as random strangers.  During the financial crisis of 2008, some things were happening in Korea that were amazing! The Korean people banded together as a group to protect their economy.  The news talked about the world financial crisis like it was an attack on Korea from the outside world, and Koreans were doing everything they could to protect Korea regardless of the cost to themselves.  I knew one young man whose boss couldn’t afford to pay him, but he didn’t quit his job,  He moved in with his brother and continued to work.  He said he knew that when the crisis was over, his boss would pay him.  He didn’t want to see his boss’s business close, so he kept working free of charge.  The Koreans take care of their family members. I have seen the father and mother send the oldest child to school, and then that oldest child got themselves into a position to have a good job and paid for a younger sibling to go to school.. They could hardly afford to live and take care of themselves, and they were sending their sibling to school in America. . They wanted more school. They were old enough to get married, but they postponed their life for their family.  When the same young man developed leg problems so had a hard  time with public transportation, a Korean preacher gave him a second hand car to drive free of charge. Koreans truly take care of one another.  If you are a foreigner in Korea, and you ask for directions or to use someone’s cell phone or something like that, the Koreans will bend over backwards to try to help you.  I have actually had someone I didn’t know walk several blocks out of their way to show me where I was going. One Korean lady said to me that if one Korean accepts me, they all accept me.  If I have one Korean friend, everyone thinks I am worth being friends with. And as far as North Korea, no matter how bad they may be, South Korea loves them.  They just don’t like the politics and the guy in charge.

wedding couple kissing each other
On a Korean girl’s wedding day is the only day you will see her in a dress like this.  Weddings are a really big deal in Korea!  —Bigger than in America.  Maybe because for many, this is the first person they every dated, and most are virgins when they get married, even if they are thirty years old. If the girl is pregnant, they will get married. They don’t leave them an an unwed mother in Korea.// Photo by Lưu Đức Anh on Pexels.com

Another thing I admire about Koreans is their basic purity as a society.  They have one of the lowest crime rates in the world.  The youth are innocent longer than young. Americans.  Many don’t even hold hands or kiss someone from the opposite sex until they find the person they intend to marry.  Many only date one person and marry that person.  Divorce is still looked down upon here.  It happens, but when it does, it is still something shameful.  I have never heard of a Korean who had an abortion.  I have never met a gay here. Drugs, not even marijuana, are not floating around here. They keep them out  If their people who are in the public eye do anything wrong, if they are caught sleeping with someone they aren’t married to, if they are caught with drugs, if they are associated with bad people in any way, they are pushed out of the spot light. This goes for politicians and celebrities like K-Pop and movie and Korean drama stars alike. No one is immune to the high standards of society.  However the girl K-pop stars are allowed to dress sexier than the average woman.  The average woman will never show cleavage.  She won’t even show her arms.  They make special lace jackets for the women to wear over sun dresses or sleeveless dresses.

adorable blur bookcase books
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Another thing I like about the Korean people is their quest of wisdom and knowledge.  Throughout the centuries, this has always been true. As I studied the history of Korea, Korea was always looking for someone who could teach them and make their society better. Young Americans are busy thinking they know what is best and will listen to nothing that older people have to say, but it is exactly the opposite in Korea.  They listen to the old people. They consider old teachings.  They enjoy studying philosophy and consider it very helpful in their lives. Many Americans think school is only about what can get yu a job, and they have schools here in Korea that train them for jobs, but they also have a lot of people just trying to understand life. The prize Dangun, their first emperor from thousands of years ago because he brought them out of the caves, gave them fire, and made them half way civilized.  They prize Kija because he came from China with the intent on building a utopia and even he made them more civilized.  Each one brought a set of laws that made them more civilized, and they love them for it.  My Korean son in law’s family came here from China a long, long time ago to teach Chinese characters to the Korean people. They didn’t think, “Oh, that is something foreign. We don’t care about it.”  They looked at the Chinese characters and saw potential for their people so insisted on them being taught.  they learned Confucianism and Buddhism to help their society.  they learned Christianity to help their society. They never rejected a teaching on the basis that it wasn’t Korean. They saw wisdom, and they wanted wisdom.

architecture art cathedral chapel
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I also admire the Korean people because they have known from the beginning that God existed.  When the missionaries came here with Christianity, they welcomed them in because they knew they were right.  If you walk down the streets of Korea, church buildings are everywhere.  They accepted Christianity in full force, and they let the teachings of Christ touch their lives and their society.  One of the biggest forces in their government is the Presbyterian church. The largest church in the world is in Korea. It is a Pentecostal church, the church in Youido.  When the Democracy movement came about in Korea, they met in the courts of a big Catholic church, the Meyong Dong Cathedral..  You can look through my blogs and find a blog about the Myeong Dong Cathedral. It is a famous historic spot in Korea. I love the Korean’s attitude toward Christianity

close up photo of man wearing black suit jacket doing thumbs up gesture
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I read an article written by a foreigner who lived in Korea that just didn’t want to go home, and there are many here like that..  These things I talked about make Korea a great place to live.  Koreans are people, and all people have their faults.  Koreans are bad cooks. Koreans are bad divers. They have loud mouths. They don’t normally fight, but they talk at the top of their lungs. Their houses are too expensive and too small. Korea and Koreans have their faults, but this article was about what I admire about Korea. The good outweighs the bad here.


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