“Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed?” (Vai! Mantuitorul a Sangerat?)

Buna Seara.  Sper ca esti bine astazi. (I hope you are fine today.)  Sunt obosita hoy. (I am tired today.) Am plimbat cu familia mea. (I went for a walk with my family.) Este vara si este foarte cald afara. (It is summer and it is very warm outside.) Cand am ajuns acasa, parul meu si hainele mele  erau plin de transpiratia. (When I arrived home, my hair and clothes were full of sweat.) Am scris un pic despre ce noi am vazut, dar nu sunt terminat. (I wrote a little about what we saw, but I am not done.) Cred ca eu trebuie sa o scriu mai tarziu. (I think I have to write it later.) Am facut fotografiele de mancarele pe care oameni din Corea vand in strada. (I took pictures of the food that Koreans sell on the street.) Am scris un blog despre mancrea din strada. (I wrote a blog about street food.) Dar si am facut mai mult fotografiele, si eu trebuie sa scriu despre ei mai tarziu. (But, I also took more pictures, and I have to write about them later.) Acum, asi vreu sa te trimesc un cantec spiritual. (Now, I would like to send you a spiritual song.)

Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed?

Vai! Mantuitorul a Sangerat?

grayscale photo of the crucifix
Photo by Alem Su00e1nchez on Pexels.com

Alas! And did my savior bleed?

Vai! Mantuitorul a sangerat?

art carving close up crown
Photo by Mike Bird on Pexels.com

And did my sovereign die?

Si rege meu a murit?

art cathedral chapel christ
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Would he devote that sacred head

El a dedicat capul lui sfant

caterpillar close up hairy insect
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

For such a worm as I?

Pentru cineva rea ca mine?

black and white cemetery christ church
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

At the cross, at the cross,

La crucea, La crucea,

mountains with crepuscular ray
Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

Where I first saw the light,

Unde am vazut lumina intai,

dawn sunset beach woman
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

And the burden of my heart rolled away,

Si sarcina a lui inima mea mi a lasat,

beautiful blue eyes close up dhyamis kleber
Photo by Dhyamis Kleber on Pexels.com

It was there by faith I received my sight,

Era acolo prin credinta eu am primit vederea mea,

person holding round smiling emoji board photo
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

And now I am happy all the day!

Si acum sunt fericita toata ziua!




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