“Take My Life and Let it Be” (Ei Viata Mea si Las o Sa Fi)

Buna Seara.  Sper ca ati avut o zi buna. (I hope you had a good day.)  Astazi fue foarte linistit pentru mine.  (Today was very quiet for me.) Fui acasa singura astazi. (I was at home alone today.) Fiica mea era la munca si sotul ei era cu prientenul lui. (My daughter was at work, and her husband was with his friend.) El nu va la munca pana seara acum. (He doesn’t go to work until the evening now.)  Nici nu am avut mult curatenia de facut in casa. (I didn’t even have much cleaning to do in the house.) Am studiat Biliblia, am desenat, am scris un pic. (I studied the Bible, I drew, and I wrote a little.) Era timpurile in viata mea cand nu am avut destul de timp fiecare zi. (There were times in my life when I didn’t have enough time every day.) Dar acum, cateodata am mult timp. (But now, sometimes, I have a lot of time. ) Am lucrat din greu in viata meau, si cateodata nu pot sa vine sa cred ca nu trebuie sa lucur din greu acum. (I have worked hard in my life, and sometimes I can’t believe that I don’t have to work hard now.) Am avut patru copii si tot au crescut. (I had four kids and they all grew up.) Am predat la universitatea, si la universitatea a decis ca sunt batrana si trebuit sa fie pensionat. (I taught at the university, and the university decided that I am old and needed to retire.) Nu am prea mult de bani, si am vrut sa lucreaza en continuare, dar nu era decisia mea. (I don’t have much money, and I wanted to continue to work, but it wasn’t my decision.) Fiica mea si sotul ei lor le place mi sa fie in casa lor. (My daughter and her husband like me to be in their house.) Ei sunt ocupat, si cateodata simpt singura din cauza ca cele alte lucreaza cand ei nu fac. (They are busy, and sometimes feel alone when the other one works when they don’t.)  Ei mi a cerut sa stau la casa lor. (They asked me to stay at their house.) Ei au zis ca cand ei au copii, ei vor copii lor sa fie in jurul meu. (They said when they have children they want their kids to be around me.) Ei nu astept pentru mine sa fac nimic, dar toti fac curatenia si gatesc. (They don’t expect me to do anything, but I cook and clean anyway.) Era idea de fiica mea sa imi da blogul acest.  (It was my daughter’s idea to give me this blog.) Ea a gandit ca eu trebuie sa scriu ca intotdeauna oameni lor le placut cand am scris. (She thought that I should write because people always liked what I write.)  Sotul ei le place blogul meu si le place sa imi spui povestele despre Corea sa scriu aici. (Her husband likes my blog and likes to tell me stories about Korea to write here.) Daca te cauti blogul meu, sunt mult povestele traditionale din Corea pe care el mi a zis pentruca el a vrut povestele acesetele in blogul meu. (If you look through my blog, there are many traditional Korean stories that my son in law told me because he wanted them on my blog.) Acum trimesc mult cantecele spiritual pentru niste prieteni a cerut mi sa fac asta, si imi place si sa fac asta. (Now, I send out a lot of spiritual songs because some friends asked me to do it, and I like to do it.)

Take My Life and Let it Be

Ei Viata Mea si o Las Sa Fi

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Take my life and let it be

Ei viata mea si o las sa fi

Consecrated, Lord to thee.

Consecrat, Domnul la tine.

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Take my moments and my days;

Ei momentele mele si zile mele;

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Let them flow in ceaseless praise.

Lor lasa sa curge in lauda fara sfarsit,

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Take my hands and let them move

Ei manele mele si lor lasa sa muta

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At the impulse of thy love.

La impulsul a lui iubirea ta.

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Take my feet and let them be

Ei picioarele mele si lor lasa sa fi

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Swift and beautiful for thee.

Repede si frumoasele pentru tine.

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Take my voice and let me sing,

Ei voce mea si lasa ma sa cant,

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Always, only for my king.

Intotdeauna, doar pentru rege me.

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Take my lips and let them be

Ei buzele mele si lor lasa sa fi

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Filled with messages from thee.

Implinit cu scrisoarele din tine.

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Take my silver and my gold

Ei argint meu si aur meu

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Not a mite would I withhold,

Nici un pic asi vreau sa ascunde,

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Take my intellect, and use

Ei intelegentia mea, si folosi

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Every pow’r as though shalt choose.

Feicare puteria cum vrei tu.

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Take my moments and my days,

Ei momentele mele si zilele mele,

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Let them flow in endless praise,

Lor lasa curge in lauda fara sfarsit,

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Take myself and I will be

Imi ei si eu voi fi

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Every, only, all for thee.

Fiecare, doar, tot pentru tine.







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