“Lord, I Care Not for Riches” (Domnul, Nu Imi Place Bogatie)

Buna Seara.  Sper ca ati avut o zi buna.  (I hope you had a good day.)  Am a vut o zi buna. (I had a good day.) Cand am vazut cantecul pe care vreau sa te trimesc azi, m-am gandit ca cantecul asta este foarte buna pentru oameni din Romania.  (When I saw the song that I want to sent today, I thought this one is very good for the people in Romania.) Spun asta ca amentesc un barbat in Romania pe care era in mijloc de tot fel de oameni pe care nu a vrut bogatie, dar el doar avrut sa hranesc familia lui si sa ajut pe cele alte oameni din Romania atat de mult ca el a putut. (I say this because I remember a man in Romania that was in the middle of people that only wanted riches, but he only wanted to feed his family and to help as many people in Romania as he could.) El a postit sa casitiga apartmentele de mult oameni. (He fasted to win the apartments of many people.) El era un erou. (He was a hero.) El a facut greva foame sa ajut pe mult cele alte, si a castigat. (He went on a hunger strike to help many others, and he won.) Un barbat bogat a vrut sa fie mai bogat. (A rich man wanted to be richer.) Barbatul bogat a vrut sa ei advantaje de cele alte pe care erau mai saraci, dar barbatul pe care era prientnul meu a luptat pentru oameni in jurul lui si a salvat casele lor. (The rich man wanted to take advantage of the others that were poor, but this man who was my friend fought for the people around him and saved their houses.)  Acel barbat pe care era eroul, a citit Matei 6:19-34 pentru prima data, si versetele acestele a facut el sa iubesite pe Dumnezeu.  (This man that was the hero read Mathew 6:19-34 for the first time, and these verses made him love God.) El a citit foarte incet si a gandit adanc cand el a citit. (He read very slow and thought deeply when he read.)  Dupa el a citit, el a oprit si a zis, “Ma bucur atat de mult ca ati venit sa ma invata depre Dumnezeu!”  (After he read, he stopped and said, “I am so glad that you guys came and taught me about God!”) Si el a spus, “Asta este minunata! Dumnezeu este minunata!”  (He also said, “This is wonderful! God is wonderful!)  El a iubit cele alte in jural lui si chiar si el a avut grijele din cauza de bani, dar el a pus incredele lui in Dumnezeu, si viata lui doar a devenit mai bun si mai bun. (He loved the people around him and even he had worries because of money, but he put his trust in God, and his life only became better and better.) Asa cand am vazut cantecul acest, am stiut ca mult in Romania poate sa intelege  cantecul acest foarte mult. (So when I saw this song, I knew that many in Romania could understand this song very well.) Stiu ca sunt mult oameni in Romania pe care iubesc cele alte in jurul lor mai mult decat bogatie ca barbatul pe care era prientenul meu. (I know that many people in Romania love the people around them more than riches like the man who was my friend.) Si Dumnezeu ne iubeste tot, si el ne spune sa nu avem grijele despre bogatie pentruca el va avea grija de noi. (And God loves us all, and he tells us not to worry about riches because he will take care of us.)

Lord, I Care Not For Riches.

Domnul, Nu Imi Place Bogatie.

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I would make sure of Heaven,

Asi vreau sa fiu sigur de Cer,

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Lord, I care not for riches,

Domnul, ni imi place bogatie,

Neither silver nor gold,

Nici plata, nici aur,

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I would enter the fold,

Asi vreau sa merg inauntru,

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In the book of thy Kingdom,

In cartea a lui imparitiea ta,

With its pages so fair,

Cu paginele frumoasele,

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Tell me, Jesus, my savior,

Ma zici, Isuse, mantuitoru,

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Is my name written there?

Nume meu e scrise acolo?

Is my name written there,

Nume meu e scrise acolo,

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On the pages white and fair.

Pe paginele albe si frumos.

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In the book of thy Kingdom,

In cartea a lui imparatie lui,

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Is my name written there?

Nume meu e scrise acolo?

Yes, my name is written there.

Da, nume meu e scrise acolo.




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