“There is a Land That is Fairer Than Day” (Exista Pamantul Ce e Mai frumos Decat Zi)

Buna Seara. Sper ca sunteti buna azi.  (I hope that you guys are good today.)  Am avut o zi buna. (I had a good day.) Am mers cu metro in Corea azi. (I went in the subway in Korea today.)  Si am scris un blog predicand oamenilor cum sa merg cu metro in Corea. (And, I wrote a blog teaching people how to go with a subway in Corea.) Stiu mult oameni pe care gandesc ca ei vor sa merg in Corea, si daca ei stiu cum sa descurc cand sunt in metro, va face vietele lor mai usoarele. (I know a lot of people that think they want to go to Korea, and if they know how to handle themselves in the subway, it will make their lives much easier. ) Si daca noi ascultam la Dumnezeu, si asta se face vieltele nostri mai usoarele. (And if we listen to God, this will also make our lives easier.) Acum asi vreau sa te trimesc un cantec bun despre Cer.  (Now I would like to send you a song about Heaven.) Daca suntem Crestini, viata acum si viata dupa moartea sunt amendoua mai buna. (If we are Christians, life now and live after death are both better. )

There is a Land That is Fairer Than Day

Exista Pamantul Ce e Mai Frumos Decat Zi

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There is a land that is fairer than day,

Exista pamantul ce e mai frumos decat zi,

And by faith we can see it afar;

Din credinta putem sa o vad;

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For the Father waits over the way,

Pentruca Tatul ne astepte acolo,

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To prepare us a dwelling place there.

Si ne pregateste o casa acolo,

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In the sweet (in the sweet)

In dulce timp (in dulce timp)

By and by, (by and by,)

Dupa viata, (dupa viata,)

seashore under white and blue sky during sunset
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We shall meet on that beautiful shore,

Vom intalni pe acea plaja frumoasa,

In the sweet (in the sweet)

In dulce timp (In dulce timp)

By and by, (by and by)

Dupa viata, (dupa viata)

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We shall meet on that beautiful shore.

Vom intalni pe acea plaja frumoasa.





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