Wisdom for So Dam Lee, or Anyone Else Who Propagates Hate

I had a terrible comment left on one of my blogs yesterday.  It was long, and so full of hate it was shocking!  It was from someone who has been lied to and had the truth twisted to the point that it has made him hate, and he was trying to tell me the real story of the world from his perspective.  He was attacking me and all Americans.  He was blaming all the ills in the world of America.  He blamed Japan’s occupation of Korea on America. He blamed the Soviet Union’s involvement in North Korea on America. He blamed the Chinese attacking Korea on America.  I can say that America isn’t perfect, by I know from talking to eye witnesses that none of those things were America’s fault. He doesn’t realize that I speak several languages, and one of the reasons I speak several languages is because I like to talk to old people. They know more than the rest of us because they lived it.  Even if those things were America’s fault, propagating hate only makes things worse, and blaming everything bad in the world on one country or one person as he was doing doesn’t help anyone. He needs to learn a lesson from American history.

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The white men were the aggressors on the American continent no matter what any movie says. History and old people I have talked to tell me the stories. I had an award in American history in school, and when I was in high school, I visited my great grandmother as much as I could because she told me lots of interesting stories, and I loved getting to know her.  I have also talked to my fourth cousin who researched all the records with his brother who are a generation before me verifying all the information about events that happened in our family. Our family is related to two Indian tribes, and the stories of these tribes should teach you the difference between what hate does to a nation or a person and what love and acceptance does.

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If you study the history of Texas, you can either admire or be scared of the Comanche tribe.  They fought with the white man.  They hated the white man.  The Spaniards came in from Mexico and tried to take Texas from them unsuccessfully, so the men from Tennessee to came to settle Texas, and they did.  The Tennesseans were just as tough as the Indians, and they held their own unlike the Spaniards from Mexico, The Comanche had the best cavalry in the history of the world.  A cavalry is an army on horseback.  You would think that they would be the victors, but they were not the victors, and neither were those tough Tennesseans.  The Tennesseans held their own, but they couldn’t beat the Comanche. The thing that defeated the Comanche was the fighting and hate going on.

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The Comanche began having the problem of their wives miscarrying. The pregnant women were losing their babies. They couldn’t carry them to term.  Their population was dwindling.  The rough life of constantly fighting with the white man was paying its toll on the tribe.  The Comanche warriors were as fierce as ever, but their population was suffering because they wouldn’t share their land, but fought to remove the white man. They didn’t want them as neighbors, but they were there.

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The Comanche have the reputation that they were very fierce!!//Photo by Darcy Delia on Pexels.com

The Comanche began stealing white children to make up for the children they couldn’t have. They raised these children as Comanche.  One of these children, a little girl, married a Comanche chief, and she raised the next generation chief, Quannah Parker.  Quannah Parker was half white and half Comanche, but in his heart, he was totally Comanche.  He hated to see what was happening to the Comanche. He hated to see all the children dying. He knew he had to stop even though they were not losing against the white men.  He signed the treaty with Roosevelt that sent the Comanche into Indian Territory, Oklahoma.  I met a man who was an expert on Texas history and literature, and he told me he thought that the Comanche tribe no longer existed, and even though there are some people with Comanche blood around, he is right. The tribe no longer exists. All the fighting and hate got them no where. Their super duper cavalry didn’t really help them. They protected them from the white men, but they couldn’t protect them from the hard life that fighting brought.

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My brother used the dream catchers over his kids’ beds when they were small to catch their bad dreams so his kids wouldn’t have nightmares. Making dream catchers is a craft, and Cherokees have always been very good at crafts. Creating is part of the culture. Learn and filter the bad out for your own well being. //Photo by Artem Beliaikin @belart84 on Pexels.com

I am also related to another tribe that still exists, the Cherokee.  The Cherokee still have land. They still have a government.  They still teach the Cherokee language.  They were not wiped out because they were smarter than the Comanche. They never hated. They never fought.  They were treated badly, but they survived.  They are the ones who truly need to be admired.  This is what they did when the white men came

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These trees are called Sequoia.  They are named after Cherokee man who invented the Cherokee alphabet.//Photo by Gantas Vaiu010diulu0117nas on Pexels.com

They were living on the east coast.  When the white man came, they moved over and welcomed him.  They tried to learn from the white man.  They were the first tribe to wear white man’s clothing. They were the first tribe to go to white man’s schools. They are the only tribe to invent an alphabet of their own.  The first native American, Indian, doctor was a Cherokee woman. They wanted the new knowledge, and were peaceful. When only Indians were in America, they were known for being peaceful, and no one was afraid of them.  They learned the languages of the other tribes.  They grew gardens. They built strong homes instead of Tepees, the tents that tribes like the Comanche lived in.  They traded with the other tribes for things they needed.  They told stories.

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The white men burned my relative’s home on the east coast, but if I remain bitter and hate, it would get me no where. I never met the people who did it. I only met my great grandmother, it she knew the relatives whose home was burnt. They were her parents.//Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It didn’t matter how peaceful the Cherokee were. The white men were still greedy.  The white men wanted their land. It wasn’t enough for them to share with the white man. (So Dam Lee also needs to realize it wasn’t just people from Europe, but Chinese too were among the people who came to America greedy for gold and land.) The white man began burning the Cherokee homes, and many went on the run, including my family.  The ones who were left were rounded up and marched to Indian Territory, Oklahoma, in the dead of winter, and many died on the walk. That walk is called “The Trail of Tears.”  White men were there. The Indians had to deal with it, and the Cherokees dealt with it correctly.  They ended up in Oklahoma.  They set up their Cherokee government again.  they built again.  The tribe survived.  They didn’t get angry and full of hate and try to go out and kill every white man they could find.  They didn’t fight with anyone.  A large portion of Oklahoma is considered Cherokee land.  The Cherokee and the whites live side by side on Cherokee land.  There is still a Cherokee Nation. There is still a Cherokee government. The land is shared with America, but it is also Cherokee land. The Cherokee are the most intermarried tribe of all the Indians because they are so accepting.  I am proud that my great grandmother was a Cherokee. I am proud that the Cherokee still exist because they were wise enough not to hate and fight.

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This is what hate causes.  We need to learn to forgive and go on.///Photo by ahmed adly on Pexels.com

The white men in America were an inevitable wave. They were there, and they were not going home.  Things are the way they are. If we cause trouble about it, we just cause ourselves trouble like the Comanche.  The Comanche tribe no longer have a Comanche Nation.  All their fighting and hate got them no where.  I have a black friend in Oklahoma, and we were discussing what happened to the blacks in America once.  I told him that since I was part white and part Indian, it would be really silly for me to sit around angry at one side or the other because I would be fighting against myself.  Most blacks in America are not truly black either.  If you go to Africa, you can blatantly see it.  The American blacks are what are called mulatto, part white and part black.  Even O’Bama was half white and half black. What does fighting bring us personally?  A black eye? An ulcer?  Do we really win?  Yes, we should do the right thing in all circumstances.  I am a Christian, and I believe that if someone tried to force me into getting drunk or sleeping with them when I don’t want to or something stupid like that, I should say “no.”  However, I should also say “no” to fighting.  What good does hate do?  It doesn’t. You think you are going to destroy someone else when you end up destroying yourself like the Comanche. Please don’t propagate hate against anyone no matter how bad you might think they are or have been. You will only hurt yourself. Other people and other nations are inevitable.  Follow the rules and try to get along, and don’t let hate destroy you like it did the Comanche.



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