“Oh To Be Like Thee” (Sa Fiu la Fel Ca Tine)

Buna Seara. Sper ca ati avut o zi buna. (I hope you guys had a good day.)  Am avut o zi buna. (I had a good day.) Si am fost ocupat afara hoy. (And I was busy outside today.) E foarte cald acum ca e vara. (It is really hot now because it is summer.) Dar am trebuit sa merg in Seoul astazi fara o masina. (But, I had to go around in Seoul today without a car.) Nu era usor, dar am reusit sa fac ce am trebuit. (It wasn’t easy, but I accomplished what I needed to accomplish.)  Daca aveti interes, puteti citi blog meu se cheama “Mission
Accomplished!” din astazi. (If you guys are interested, you can read my blog from today called “Mission Accomplished!”.) Acum, este timpul pentru mine sa te trimesc un cantec noua. (Now, it is time for me to send you a new song.) Astazi, te trimec un cantec se cheama “Oh to be like thee.”(Today, I send you a song called “Sa fiu la fel ca tine.”)

Oh to Be Like thee

Sa Fiu la Fel Ca Tine

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Oh, to be like thee blessed Redeemer,

Sa fiu la fel ca tine binecuvantat matuitor,

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This is my constant longing and prayer,

Asta este stabil dorinta mea si rugaciune,

Gladly I’ll forfeit all of life’s treasures,

Cu placerea, voi renunti tot bogatie de viata,

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Seeking thy perfect likeness to wear.

Cauntand asemanare ta sa purta.


Oh, to be like thee,

Sa fiu la fel ca tine,

Oh, to be like thee,

Sa fiu la fel ca tine,

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Blessed redeemer,

Binecuvantat mantuitor,

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Pure as thou art!

Pura ca tine!

Come in thy sweetness,

Vine cu dulceata ta,

Come in thy fullness;

Vine cu plentitude tau,

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Stamp thine own image

Imprimi chipul tau

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Deep on my heart.

Adanc pe inima mea.




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