“More Love to Thee, Oh Christ” (Mas Iubirea la Tine, Hristos)

Buna Seara. Cum esti in ziua de azi? (How are you today?) Sper ca ati avut o zi buna. (I hope you had a good day.) Sper ca te simpti bine si esti sanatos. (I hope you feel fine and are healthy.)  Vreamea se face mas cald aici en Corea. (The weather is getting warmer her in Korea.) E vara de sigur. (It is summer for sure.)  Noi folosim una masina sa face aer mas rece. (We use an air conditioner.) Cand noi am fost in Romania, noi nu am avut nevoie de astfel de masina pentru ca noi am locuit langa munti, si zapada din munti a facut unde noi am locuit mas rece intotdeuna.  (When we lived in Romania, we didn’t need an air conditioner because we lived near mountains, and the snow from the mountains made where we lived cooler all the time.)  In America, exista masinele pe care face toata casa mas rece in vara. (In America, there are air conditioners that make the whole house cooler in summer.)  Totusi, aici in Corea, ei folesec una masina sa face aer mas rece pentru una camera. (However, here in Korea, they use one air conditioner to make one room cool.)  In casa noastra avem doar una masina de aer rece, si este en camera de zi, si nu en camera unde eu dorm. (In our house, we have only one air conditioner, and it is in the living room, and not in the room where I sleep.) De noapte, cateodata, exista prea mult caldura en camera mea. (At night, sometimes, it is too hot in my room.) Chair acum, scriu in camera unde exista masina de aer rece.  (Right now, I am writing in the room where the air conditioner is.) Si acum, te trimesc un cantec spiritual noua. (And now, I am sending you a new spiritual song.) Cantec se cheama “More Love to Thee, Oh Christ”. (The song is called, “Mas Iubirea la tine, Hristos”.)

More Love to Thee, Oh Christ

Mas Iubirea la Tine, Hristos

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More love to thee, oh Christ,

Mas iubirea la tine, Hristos,

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More love to thee!

Mas iubirea la tine!

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Hear thou the prayer I make

Asculti rugaciunea ce spun

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On bended knee.

Pe genunchil mei.

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This is my earnest plea:

Asta este pledoarea mea;

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More love, Oh Christ, to thee,

Mas iubirea, Hristos, la tine,

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More love to thee,

Mas iubirea la tine,

More love to thee.

Mas iubirea la tine.






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