“Beneath the Cross of Jesus” (Sub Crucea a lui Iesu)

Buna Seara. Sper ca ati avut o zi buna.  (I hope you guys have had a good day.)  Am avut o zi lung dar bun. (I had a long, but good day.)  Ahora, in sfirsit, am timp sa scriu aici. (Now, finally, I have time to write here.) Am facut ceva buna azi. Am avut o masa cu cateva prieteni si am ajutat un prieten. (I had lunch with a couple of friends, and I helped a friend.) Asta este felul de lucur ca Dumnezeu vrea noi sa facem. (That is the kind of thing that God wants us to do.) ‘El vrea noi sa ajutam oameni cand putem. (He wants us to help people when we can.)  Noi nu trebuie sa gandim despre obligatie. (We shouldn’t think about making them obligated.) Noi trebuie doar sa ajut pe oameni cu inima deschisa. (We should just help people with an open heart.)  Acum, te trimesc un cantec cu inima deschisa. (Now, I I am sending you a song with an open heart.)

Beneath the Cross of Jesus

Sub Crucea a lui Iesu

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Beneath the cross of Jesus

Sub crucea a lui Iesu

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I fain would take my stand,

Asi vreau sa stau puternic,

clouds dawn desert landscape
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The shadow of a mighty rock

Umbra din o piatra mareti

coconut trees on brown sand
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Within a weary land;

In intru pamantul obosit;

no person landscape travel desert
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A home within the wilderness,

O casa in intru pustui,

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A rest upon the way,

Odihna in calea,

bunch of camels in desert dune
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From the burning of the noontide heat,

Din arderea a lui caldura dupa masa,

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And the burning of the day.

Si arderea a lui zi.





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