How Did Islam Come About?

When I was in high school, I was assigned a research project, and the topic was of my own choosing.  Back then, no one else in the United States was concerned about Islam, but I was.  I had lived in a Muslim country.  I had seen the way Muslims acted, but not understood.  I had seen Ramadan practiced. I had seen the women completely covered from head to toe, and even wearing gloves and sun glasses so that every part of them couldn’t be seen after already wearing a long robe, a head covering, and a veil over the lower part of their face from their eyes down.  I had seen people whipped with bull whips, the call the prayer five times a day, etc.  However, I didn’t understand. Others in my high school weren’t concerned with the topic, but I was.  When I was asked to research something and to choose the topic myself, I chose to research where Islam came from. What I found in the history books, even most Islamic people don’t know.  I have had a chance to study more since then since I had a good friend and neighbor in Nigeria who was an Islamic religious knowledge teacher, and a Muslim friend in Romania actually handed me a Koran to read.  The  list can go on. I have become familiar with a lot of things Muslim just to try to understand the world around me.  The history of Islam would really surprise most of the world, Jews, Christians, and Muslims need to know what I learned.

woman wearing white hijab veil
In Morocco, this woman would have been expected to cover her face from under the eyes down, and some even wore sun glasses and gloves to cover themselves more. To them, it was a question of Muslim women being modest.////Photo by walking photographer on Pexels.com

Mohammed, the great prophet of Islam, used to listen to Christian and Jewish preachers before the Islamic religion ever existed.  He believed in God.  His parents were the care takers of the Kava in Mecca.  The Kava was a sacred black rock that fell from Heaven, a meteorite.  It is the black rock that the Muslims pray toward now a days when they pray to Mecca. He spent a lot of time too with relatives who owned a brothel.  Some say he was orphaned and had to go live with those relatives. Mohammed believed in the God of the Christians and the Jews. He believed in the one great creator God of the universe who gives us life and promises us Heaven.  Mohammed believed in the same God the Jews and Christians worship.  He wanted to be a prophet of God, but people wouldn’t listen to him.

angel art black and white clouds
Mohammed claimed an angel from Heaven taught him in those mountains.  However, if he had studied the God that he said he believed in, he wasn’t supposed to listen to an angel from Heaven who taught something different.////Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

He went out into the mountains and fasted.  He claimed while he was there that an angel from Heaven appeared to him and told him he was a prophet.  He was supposed to be the last and the greatest prophet. However, if you read the Bible, in the first chapter of Galatians, it says that even if an angel from Heaven teaches you another gospel, you and that angel are cursed.  The last chapter of the Bible says that if anyone adds to the Bible that the plagues written about there will be added to him. Mohammed may have listened to preachers, but he had never read a Bible.  The Muslims accept the first books of the Old Testament as the Jews also do. The Old Testament is considered the the old law.  The difference between Muslims and Jews, though, is that the Jews say that Isaac was the chosen son of Abraham, and the Muslims say Ishmael was the chosen son of Abraham.  Christians agree with the Jews. Jesus is even mentioned in the Koran, the Islamic holy book.  They consider him a great prophet.

religion bible prayer faith
The Bible has the Old and New Testaments.  The Jews accept the Old Testament. The Muslims accept part of the Old Testament.  The Christians accept both the old Testament and the New Testament.///Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The Ten Commandments say there is only one God.  Most Jews, Christians, and Muslims all accept that there is only one God. However, the Muslims try to say that Christians are polytheists because they don’t understand the nature of God that the Christians accept.  The father, the son, and the holy spirit are simply three different ways that God has revealed himself to mankind, but the Muslims take it as the Christians believing in three gods. However, if you read the Old Testament, the holy spirit existed even in the Old Testament.  Not in bodily form, but Jesus also existed in the Old Testament.  You must wonder why in the account of the creation that God didn’t say, “I will make man in my image,” but instead he said, “Let us make man in our image.”  The book of John says that Jesus existed from the beginning. He is the Word of God, the message of God. There was a plan made for Christ to come to earth from the beginning of time. When man was thrown out of the garden of Eden, God talks about his plan to crush sin through the seed of the woman.  That means that someone will be born to the woman who will crush sin, and therefore bring man back to God. Mohammed never crushed sin, so that is not who the Bible is talking about.  There are so many prophecies in the Old Testament referring to the one who would come to save the people from their sins.  If you read the Bible, there is a definite plan to save mankind from sin, and Jesus fulfills all of those prophecies.  However, the Jews didn’t recognize him, and many are still looking for the messiah.  Mohammed never claimed to be a messiah, but a prophet. He acknowledged Jesus, but he could never have read the Bible even though it existed in his time because if he had, he wouldn’t have said and done the things he said and did. He claimed to believe in the same God as the Jews and the Christians, but he didn’t study the holy book.

portrait photo of man in red button up shirt and red and white headscarf
Uneducated people from the villages believed Mohammed, and they took part in the first Jihad.///Photo by SHAHBAZ AKRAM on Pexels.com

After Mohammed came back from his vision of an angel in the mountains, he went into Mecca wanting to teach the people. However, the people of Mecca could read. They were educated, and probably many had read the Bible.  They didn’t accept what Mohammed was saying, and it made Mohammed mad!  He went into the country to the villages. He found people who couldn’t read and were uneducated. He taught them, and they thought he was a prophet.  Mohammed got quite a following for himself.  He decided that he needed to punish the people in Mecca who didn’t believe him.  He made his followers into an army.  He declared a holy jihad, the first of many.  They rode back into Mecca and took the Kava.  They put their knives to the throats of the people in Mecca and said, “Believe or die!”  That is how Islam spread.

view of temple against cloudy sky
They changed church buildings in Turkey into mosques.///Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If you go into Turkey, many of the cities of Turkey have the names of the churches in the Bible. Turkey was once a Christian country. However, they have discovered a great mosque where the paint began chipping, and underneath, there were Christian pictures.  They realized that mosque had once been a church building.  The followers of Mohammed swept through Turkey converting people with a knife to their throats just as they had done in Mecca.  The Crusades should never have taken place. Many agree on that point. However, the people who fought in the Crusades were protecting Christianity from the Muslim hoards that were trying to get into Europe.  Romania borders Turkey, and that is where they were stopped. The Romanians were fierce enough to stand up to the Muslims so they didn’t sweep into their country with those swords and force the people of Romania to become Muslim.  In many ways, Christianity owes a debt to Romania because they were able to hold the Muslims off and stop them from coming into Europe.

low angle shot of rock formation
Some Muslims say God is at the top of the mountain, and there are many paths up to God.  Is that what you think?///Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com

Now a days, I have met Muslims that say to me, “God is on a Mountain, and we all go up that mountain by different paths.”  The Muslims say they believe in the same God as the Christians and Jews.  Mohammed believed in the same God, but the Koran preaches a whole different personality of God than the Bible does. Mohammed didn’t write the Koran, but one of his followers did.  Today, the Muslims are still trying to convert through the sword because that is why there are so many killings in Nigeria and places like that now a days.  If a Modern day Muslim studies the Bible, he better be ready to be punished, probably whipped with a bull whip.  If he converts to Christianity or some other religion and anyone knows about it , he can be killed. The modern day Muslims don’t realize that Judaism and Christianity existed before Islam, and that many of the basic precepts about sin that Islam teachers came from Christianity and Judaism. They think their family is Muslim, so they must do things the Muslim way, but probably, their family was converted with a sword and were originally Christian or Jewish.

books on bookshelves
History and Theology books can verify all of this.////Photo by Mike Bird on Pexels.com

If anyone thinks any of this isn’t true, they need to study history. They need to compare dates. They need to look into the Bible.  This has taken me  reading lots of history and religious books over the years.  My actual study of Islam began in high school, and I am now 64 years old.  I have read books. I have talked to Muslims. I have lived in Muslim countries.  I know what the Muslims think, do, and understand.  I actually think if many Muslims truly understood the history of Islam, they may not want to be Islamic anymore.  I knew one young man who was raised as a Muslim who had rejected Islam before I met him because he found it barbaric. However,  in his rejection of Islam, he decided to reject God altogether.  God still exists.  There may be some who followed a man who wanted to be a prophet, but couldn’t get things right because instead of studying what existed and rising up as a scholar to truly help people understand God, he decided to kill anyone who didn’t accept him as a prophet.  However, that doesn’t negate the existence of God. People make mistakes, and his was a huge one. There are many still paying for his mistakes.

This is only a blog about what I learned, not a scholarly paper. You can verify the facts with your own study of History and Theology. I have been studying the topic for too many years from and books and people from too many places to tell you the sources. Just go to the library. You can find the History books and the Theology books if your library is large enough.


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  1. It’s an interesting history that you wrote there , from your own studies and from your own experience. For myself, what I know is this, that for me, Jesus Christ is the savior of our world. Smiles. That’s solid for me. I’ll leave history to the historians, but for me it is enough to know my own history, and know that I am a child of the King, Jesus Christ. I think that your entry will bring people to read more about history and the history of religions. And the most important thing about history is that in all of history, religion is so much different from spirituality. In our world, we have many people that are ‘religious’ but have no spirituality. And there are many people that are spiritual, yet have no religions. Peace. artfromperry

    1. When I was young, I was exposed to so much! My daughter and I were just talking today about the many philosophies that came my way, but I was a studier, and I studied my way through it and found God. Everyone is not so lucky as to have God dropped into their lap by their parents, but even those who were that lucky don’t always understand what kind of gem they were given. When I do blogs like this, I am just trying to help people sort through it all because I had to and understand what they have to sort through.

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