Songyeopsal (A Wonderful Korean dish)

Last evening, after the concert, my Romanian friend wanted to take me out for songyeopsal saying it was my birthday present from her. My daughter and Hanul, my Korean friend, was also with us.  Hanul handed me a birthday present too.The present was a sachet with French written all over it, and it smelled great! I will have to just show you the songyeopsal because I have never blogged about it until now.  It is the first thing I ate the first time I came to Korea, and if you eat this food, you will think the Koreans have really good food!

Here is the sachet that Hanul handed me.
We are walking into the songyeopsal restaurant. You can see that each table has a horn over it.  They are small horns like oven horns because you cook at your table.
The meal is begun by them bringing you a big plate of raw meat.


There is a grill in the middle of the table where you cook the meat.
There was also spicy soup in the middle of the grill.  I never eat any of the spicy stuff in Korea anymore because it hurts my stomach, but my Romanian friend loves soup, so she ate it.
We had other side dishes. This is my cabbage salad with a strange vinegar dressing, It was good.
After we cooked all the small pieces, we took them off, and you can see some in a small dish in the front of this picture.  After that, we put the larger steaks on the grill.  My daughter was roasting garlic.  
This is how you are supposed to eat this meat.  You use a piece of leaf lettuce like a taco shell.  Inside, you put meat, rice if you have it, sauce, a piece of garlic, and then your wrap it up and eat it.  It is delicious!!
Here is a picture of the diners across the way enjoying their food.  If you look at the front of the picture, you see a drawer coming out of the table. In Korea, often at the tables, there is a drawer or perhaps a wooden box sitting on the table.  That is where you will find your silverware, chopsticks, and napkins. They don’t have to reset the table with every new customer.
This is the table next to us. You can see them cooking the meat too.  That small green bottle on the table is soju, a popular kind of Korean liquor.
Here, my Romanian friend and Hanul, my Korean friend, are working hard on cooking our meat.
There are the small pieces of meat, and then the larger pieces. My friend, Hanul. was doing the Korean thing and cutting the large pieces of meat up with scissors to make it cook quicker.

It was a delicious meal, and I appreciated my Romanian friend wanting to go out and eat at a songyeopsal restaurant.  It isn’t cheap, but she has the system figured out on how to get the most meat for your money.  She is married to a Korean guy, so he probably helped her figure it out. She says the two of them go to this restaurant and really eat a lot of meat.  It is a great meal!!  All the food in Korea can’t get a recommendation from me, but this meal has a big recommendation from me.  All foreigners love this meal when they come to Korea. However, if you are a vegetarian, you will have to find something else.  We were playing and saying we were carnivores because there was so much meat, and my daughter kept reminding us we were omnivores. 🙂

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