The New X-Men Movie

Late yesterday evening, we went to see the new X-Men movie after my Korean son in law got off of work.  He gets off work about 11:00 at night. When we go to the movies that late, the theater is always full, but it wan’t last night.  Seoul is the city that never sleeps, and there are always people going somewhere.  Thankfully, it is one of the safest cities in the world.  My daughter and I had both taken naps to be sure we could go with my son in law to see the movie.  He says he always checks the theater’s web site and always knows when a movie is playing he wants to see, and super hero movies are one of his favorite kinds of movies.  He is a die hard super hero fan even though he is thirty years old.  Last night, he took us to see the new X-Men movie at Lotte Cinema in Lotte Mall close to Gimpo Airport in Seoul.

The character in the middle is Jean.  The people standing around her are other mutants. Raven is the blue girl on Jean’s left, and the other one is called Storm because she sends out electricity.

Usually, when we go to see a movie, there are lots of movie posters and even fliers about the movies.  It is easy for me to get pictures to put in a blog about the movie. However, There was no flier about the movie, and it was hard to find posters.  There were two posters, and they were the same thing, just different colors. The cinema had hardly advertised this movie.  We wondered if they were bored with super hero movies.  We wondered if they thought no one was going to see it anyway because of the culmination of superhero movies into one that we had seen last time we saw a super hero movie. Last time, we had been to see the movie about the Marvel super heroes, Iron Man, Thor, Spider man, etc.

This is the same poster, just in different colors.  If you look behind Jean’s head, you can see Alexander Xavier on the left and the leader of the other mutant camp on the right.  The guy up in the corner on the left is Jean’s mutant boyfriend. The blue guy in the corner on the right is Raven’s boyfriend and a doctor. I am not sure what all the powers of each of them are. The small picture of a girl standing at the bottom is Jean.


X-Men are a completely different set of super heroes than the Marvel super heroes.  These super heroes are supposed to be mutants.  They were shunned by the population at one time, but Alexander Xavier has collected all the mutant children into his huge mansion and made a school for them.  They grew up in Alexander Xavier’s mansion, and he has taught them to use their extra abilities that they are shunned by the rest of the population for to help mankind.

At the beginning of the movie, there is a car wreck.  There is a little girl with red hair sitting in the back of her parent’s car screaming, “Get out of my head!”   The radio in the car keeps changing stations without anyone touching it.  You know the little girl wants to listen to other music than what the parents are listening to, but she never touches the radio.  Her parents figure out she is responsible for the station changing even though she doesn’t touch anything, and she gets really bothered by something in her head and begins screaming, and her mother has a car wreck and kills everyone in the family except the little girl who has no injuries at all. Alexander Xavier comes in a wheel chair and invites her to come and live at his house.  When she sees his house, she says she can’t live there because she breaks everything, and his house is too nice. She doesn’t want to break anything, but he talks her into living with him.  The little girl’s name is Jean, and he raises Jean among the other mutants.  A twist to the story is that her father is still alive, but no one told her.  Her father didn’t want her around because she had killed her mother and he was scared of her, and he gave Alexander Xavier permission to adopt her.

As the story goes, you eventually learn that Alexander Xavier is also a mutant. He is in a wheel chair and can’t walk, but he has the ability to control people, read minds, and in general, get inside their heads.  He gets inside of Jean’s head, finds chaos, wants to protect her from all the trauma she has experienced, and puts up walls in her head bringing order to her thinking and stabilizing her.  She can also read minds, so I wonder why she never knew he did it. Maybe he controlled her knowing about what he did.

The X-Men evolve to such a state that the president of the United States is calling on them to protect the United States when the military and policemen can’t.  Alexander Xavier has a direct hotline to the president and can talk to him any time he wants.  Alexander Xavier is happy because he has taught the children to use their abilities as they were growing up to help mankind and he is always being honored for what he has done. No one is scared of these children anymore. The mutant children have become super heroes.


Here is a closeup of Raven. She is the girl who also played Candace, the girl with the bow and arrow,  on the Hunger Games.

The president calls Alexander Xavier up and tells him that there are astronauts in trouble and asks him to help them.  Alexander Xavier calls Raven, a blue girl with shockingly red hair and tells her to assemble a team and take them up into space to save the astronauts.  She puts together a group of mutants to go in a special aircraft up into the atmosphere.  Jean, the little red haired girl, is now a young woman.  She is part of the team and not sure sue wants to go, but Raven comforts her and tells her that she won’t let her get hurt. She tells her that if anything begins to go wrong, she will pull everyone out of it and come back to earth, so Jean goes with the group.

While they are up in space, they find it hard to stabilize what is happening to the astronauts, but they end up saving them all. A lot of the credit can go to a boy from India who is blue, has pointy ears, and a long tail.  He can vanish and reappear anywhere he wants, and he takes people with him when he goes. They think all the astronauts are safe, but there is one caught in another compartment of the space ship, and the astronauts don’t want to leave without him.  It is too dangerous to go back into the ship.  They are afraid that anyone who goes in will die.  Raven wants to just leave the last guy and go home not wanting to risk any of the X-Men’s lives.  Alexander Xavier tells her they must get the last guy out. Jean hasn’t done anything yet, but they ask her if she can help, and she volunteers. The blue monkey guy who talks like he is from India jumps her into the space ship.  She is using her mind to hold the ship together to protect the last astronaut. The blue monkey guy jumps back into the X-men ship with the last astronaut and leaves Jean in the space ship.  Evidently, he can only help one person at a time. He thinks Jean can hold the ship together until he comes back for her, but while he is rescuing the astronaut, the space ship heads into a dangerous place in space with lots of fire and energy.  Jean goes into the fire and energy.  They are afraid she is dead, but instead, she absorbs all the fire and energy into her being. When they can no longer see the fire and energy, the blue monkey guy goes in after her and brings her back to the X- Men ship. They think she is dead, but she isn’t. She opens her eyes, and she is fine.  They have saved the astronauts, and they haven’t lost any X-Men either, and they head back to earth.

Here is a close up of Jean.

Everyone is concerned about Jean when she gets back because of what she has been through.  She tells everyone she feels fine, but the doctor insists on examining her.  She is off the charts healthy, so healthy the machines can’t read her!  No one knows it, but she has become the most powerful force in the universe. However, there is a complication.  The walls that Alexander Xavier put up for her as a little girl start tumbling down. She becomes confused and leaves home.  She realizes her dad is still alive and goes to visit him. She is angry because she has been lied to.


Here are some pictures inside the theater my son in law suggested I take. As you can see, there are only two people in the theater, my daughter and my son in law. He joked and said we bought the whole theater. We thought we were going to be the only people watching the movie. However, after a bit, a few more people showed up, but the theater wasn’t very full.  We thought that perhaps it was because they had done such a bad job advertising the movie.


The X-men get in their craft and go after Jean wanting to bring her home. Her dad doesn’t want her because he is scared of her.  While they are trying to get her to come home, she is crying and lightening is coming out of her everywhere. She can’t control the power that inside her neither can she control her emotions. She is mad at Alexander Xavier and refuses to come home.  Raven is good at talking to people, so Raven tries to get close to her and coax her into coming home.  Jean pushes Raven away with her mind, and Raven goes flying into a piece of broken wood that goes through her chest. Jean didn’t mean to kill her and becomes even more upset, and she flies off into space. Everyone is upset by Raven’s death.  The X-Men take her home and bury her.  Alexander Xavier keeps telling them is wasn’t Jean’s fault, but no one will listen because they are so upset about Raven.

The military is looking for Jean.  There are aliens wanting to take over earth who are looking for Jean because they want her power. Jean is busy sitting alone in the rain crying.  She goes to another mutant camp for help.  At first, they want to help her.  After the military shows up, they find out she killed Raven, and they are mad at her and tell her to get lost.  She destroys a lot of things like she did at her dad’s house and leaves. She can’t control herself. She never had to control herself before because Alexander Xavier controlled her mind, but he isn’t controlling her mind anymore.

The aliens find her and coax her into coming with them.  They don’t care about her. They just want her power.  The head of the second mutant camp decides to go after Jean and kill her because she killed Raven. Several X-Men go after Jean because she killed Raven. Alexander Xavier is trying to talk everyone out of what they are doing unsuccessfully.  The military also go after her.

Everything is getting destroyed! One of he aliens talks Jean into transferring her power to her. Jean happily complies because she never wanted the power. However, Alexander Xavier interrupts them, and the transfer isn’t complete. He convinces Jean that he was only trying to protect her as a child and didn’t tell her her father was still alive to protect her.  She forgives him.  The military bursts in.  They put all the X-Men and other mutants in chains. Jean is locked in a special room in a train alone where she is restrained even more than the others.  The X-Men know the aliens are coming and try to warn the military. They tell them they need to let them go so they can help them fight off the aliens, but the military won’t listen. The aliens come and are tearing the train up. The military can’t defend themselves against he aliens. They decide to let the X-Men and other mutants go. No one wants to kill Jean anymore. They finally understand her.

While the mutants are fighting the aliens off, Alexander Xavier goes in the other room and lets Jean go.  Jean fights off the aliens and saves the day.  However, to get rid of the one who has part of her power, she has to leave the earth and fight her in the atmosphere so that the mutants won’t get hurt.  She saves everyone and gets rid of the last most powerful alien.  In the process, she is gone too.  However, she didn’t die. She went on to a higher form of life.  The mutants miss her, and they name the school after her.  The mutants are accepted as heroes again, and Alexander Xavier admits he should never have lied to Jean.

It is an action packed movie, full of electricity and fights., full of strange people with strange powers.  However, the ultimate goal is for good to triumph over evil, and it happens.  It seems to me more about the drama and showman ship of the people who provide special effects than about acting.  You won’t be seeing any more movies about Jean because she is no longer human.  The last time I saw Alexander Xavier he was played by the actor that played John Luc Piccard from Star Trek the Next Generation, but they used a younger actor this time. At the beginning of the movie, he had hair, but they later shave his head. He has the British accent and is like the actor that  played Alexander Xavier before.





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