“God Sent His Son” (Dumnezeu il a Trimis)

Buna Seara. Sper ca atati avut o zi minunata.  (I hope you guys had a wonderful day.) De obicei, sunt fericita en fiecare zi. (Normally, I am happy everyday.)  Astazi, am mers in visita la prieteni mei. (Today, I went to visit my friends.)  Ei vor copilul lor sa fie cu mine mai mult. (They want their little boy to be with me more.) Asa ei vor mi sa vin sa citesc povestele la el. (So they want mi to come and read stories to him.)  Este bine. (It is fine.) Vreau sa fiu prientie si cu el si nu doar cu parinti lui. (I want to be firends with him too, and not just with his parents.)  Imi place sa aiba tot fel de prieteni de tot virstele si din fiecare tara. (I like to have friends of all ages from every country.)  Mult oameni nu invata limba romana ca ei cred ca nu prea mult de oameni o vorbeste. ( A lot of people don’t learn Romanian because they think that not to many people learn it.) Totusi, o invatat sa fiu prietini cu oameni roman. (However, I learned it to be friends with Romanians.) Nu pot sa invata fiecare limba pe pamant, dar am a vut o sansa sa locuiesc in Romania, si imi placut Romania foarte mult. (I can’t learn every language on the earth, but I had a chance to live in Romania, and I liked Romania very much.)  Imi place ca oameni din Romania iubesc pe Dumnezeu. (I like it that people from Romania love God.) Si imi place sa trimesc cantecele in limba romana. (And I like to send out songs in Romanian.)  Astazi, va trimesc un cantec foarte frumoasa se cheama “God sent his son.” (Today, I send out a very beautiful song called, “Dumnezeu il a trimis.”)

God Sent his Son

Dumnezeu il a Trimis

jesus christ figurine
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God sent his son,

Dumnezeu il a trimis,

They called him Jesus,

Il a chemat Iesu,

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He came to love,

A venit sa iubi,

Heal, and forgive;

Se vindeca, si ierta;

art cathedral christ christian
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He lived and died

A trait si murit

to buy my pardon,

A cumpera iertarea,

person standing and holding lamp inside cave
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An empty grave is there

Mormantul gol exista

To prove my savior lives,

Si dovedeste mantuitorul viu,

statue of jesus
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Because he lives,

Finca el viu,

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I can face tomorrow,

Pot sa suport si maine,

Because he lives

Finca el viu,

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All fear is gone;

Nu exista teama;

Because I know

Finca eu stiu

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He holds the future,

El are viitorul,

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And life is worth the living

Si viata are valuare

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Just because he lives.

Doar finca el viu.






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