Get Your Feet on the Ground, but Still Enjoy Yourself

I recently joined a Facebook group called “I Believe in Fairies.”  I didn’t join because I believe in fairies because I really don’t.  However, when I was a little girl, my dad used to read to me abut fairies, and I loved the idea of fairies, and I used to fantasize about their existence.  However, as I grew up, I realized they were just a wonderful story that people tell children.  I began reading about what people believe and why they believe it.  If you have looked at my other blogs, I have talked about some of the books I have read.  I never took anything at face value because I could see that a lot of it just didn’t make sense or looked right on the surface, but never quite measured up.  I knew there were so many ideas out there, and everyone wanted me to believe their way.  I listened and sorted through, and I  found a way that can be proven historically, scientifically, logically, etc. that I believe, Christianity.

woman wearing fairy costume
Photo by Tú Nguyễn on Pexels.com

I made a post on this “I believe in fairies” page about believing in fairies being innocent and fun even if it isn’t true.  I couldn’t believe that so many people argued with me. More than two hundred people people have logged into my post in the past two days, and most of them are arguing with me.  They think fairies actually exist.  When I was small, my dad tried to develop my imagination, and the imagination is fun, but you can let it get out of hand.  They don’t even know where the ideas of fairies came from and have nothing to back up their claims that they exist.

Before Christianity came to the British Isles, there was another religion called Druid.  The Druid priests were terrible people who ruled the people with fear.  I have studied these things to the end, so I know there isn’t a lot of information about the Druids out there, but enough for me to understand how those Druid priests worked.  People are power hungry. They want to control other people.  For the Druid priest to control the people, they made up stories about things that go bump in the night.  Yes, all the fairies weren’t good. Some were bad.  It would be wonderful if we all actually had fairy godmothers, but how many magic fairy godmothers have appeared to you when you were in trouble?  Have you seen little winged creatures that look human, but are the size of a thimble living in the flowers?  I would love fairies to exists, but there are no little magic people with wings living in flowers.

two horseman riding on horses
This boy on he front horse is holding a lasso.  It is a rope used to throw around the neck of a wild horse to try to control him.  Figuratively, I knew I had to do that to my kids when they were small to be able to communicate with them and teach them what they needed to know to survive..////Photo by Naim Benjelloun on Pexels.com
man in santa claus costume
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When my kids were very small, I knew to properly communicate with them, I had to lasso them with a rope and pull them down out of the clouds.  I helped them get their feet on the ground so they could learn and communicate with others.  Kids are born into this world with their brains floating in space somewhere, and it is up to us to learn to communicate them and teach them to communicate with others.  Just as my dad read to me, I also read book after book to my kids, but I never lied to them.  If they wanted to believe in Santa Claus, it was their own idea, not mine. I never pushed the idea of Santa because my dad pushed it, and then he decided he needed to tell me that Santa didn’t exist before I began school so other kids wouldn’t tell me and upset me at school.  When he told me, I got mad at him, but he needed to pull me out of the clouds. He had been lying to me, and had to correct it before someone else really upset me.  I never wanted my kids to feel like I lied to them. I wanted them to know they could trust me. I never told them that Santa didn’t exist.  I just didn’t propagate the idea. I let them do it if they wanted, and they wanted, but my daughter said she knew Santa was just a fun game, and even though she talked like she believed in him when she was small, she never really believed.

person placing hands on bible
Bibles are everywhere, in every language.  We don’t need to take someone else’s opinion. We can read it for ourselves to be sure.///Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

Some of us just accept things about religion too that may or may not be true, but we never bothered to look into them and figure out whether or not they are true or not.  One young man here in Korea came to the Bible study in my office and he was upset. He thought something was wrong with him because all the others were “speaking in miraculous tongues,” but he couldn’t.  The others who could do it treated him like he was less of a Christian than they were and wondered if he was even a Christian.  I read 1 Corinthians 11-14 with him as well as several chapters in the book of Acts.  By the time he got to the end, he realized that there was a time that those miraculous tongues existed, and that we didn’t need them anymore because we have the word of God in written form.  Those miraculous tongues existed in the time of the apostles because there were people from all over the world needing to be taught about God, and God helped the early Christians speak to those people and teach them about God. They were sent into a completely pagan world to teach about God, a place where human sacrifice and all kinds of superstitious and scary people lived, and they needed help.  Look at Acts 2. Look at 1 Corinthians 14.  Those were actual languages, not the jabbering that many people do today.  Jesus said on the sermon on the mount in Matthew 5, 6, &7 that we must not jabber like the pagans.  This boy who came to my office upset because he couldn’t speak in tongues was just being honest. His feet were on the ground, and the others were trying to get him to float in the clouds with them.  Now a days, according to 1 Corinthians 13, those miraculous tongues no longer exist.  He was so relieved to read from the Bible that he was okay!  He had been in the middle of a group of people who were out in space and were trying to force him into space.

photo of woman wearing a bridal gown
Fairies are fun to think about, but be realistic.///Photo by Tú Nguyễn on Pexels.com

We all need to think about these kinds of things.  Do we accept ideas just because people say them?  Do we believe in fairies?  Can we trust everything people say? Have we proven our faith?  Have we proven the things we believe in?  As adults, do we still believe in Santa Claus?  If someone tells you they are a girl, but they are obviously a boy, do we accept what they say, or do we accept the facts?  How many really have their feet on the ground?  Do we know what is written in the Bible or do we just do whatever people tell us?  Did they read the Bible?

portrait of happy girl with ice cream
Santa is fun, but if you can’t figure out if you are a boy or a girl, you need to go read a Biology book.///Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I like playing about Santa. It is a wonderful idea!  I love the spirit of Christmas, the spirit that says that we all love one another and there is peace on earth.  That is the Christian spirit.  I may joke about Santa, but I know as an adult what the truth is.  I was mad at my dad when he told me Santa didn’t exist because we all want to believe in Santa. I enjoyed fairies as a little girl, but be realistic.  Has anyone every appeared to you when you needed a new dress and magically given you one put of thin air?  God is the only thing we can depend on. God works in ways we don’t understand.  I have known for many years that if I am in trouble, I can go to God for help. He is our father, and he functions like a father. If we ask our father for something, he may say “yes,” but he could say “no” also.  If I am in trouble that I can’t pull myself out of, I find other Christians because God works through their hearts, and they will open up and help me.  We also know that God expects us to work and do our part.  We can’t just expect people to do all the work of taking care of us because they believe in God, but people who truly love God will help us if we are in such a place we can’t help ourselves.

woman in witch costume
The images we see when people celebrate Halloween were originally made to scare people into doing things the Druid priests wanted them to do.  They played on the people’s superstition and fear to control them.  Many people don’t understand that the holiday of Halloween came about because they were celebrating that these things didn’t actually exists.  Christianity brought the British people out of superstition and fear. The old name for Halloween was “All Halo’s Eve” meaning it was the day before “all Saints Day, ” the day they celebrated becoming Christians because they were freed from the fear the Druids held over them.  When people dress in the costumes now, they don’t dress in them believing, but knowing they aren’t true, and they can play with the ideas like children. Fairies and leprechauns are part of this world./// Photo by mariy on Pexels.com

Fairies are fun, but I have been amazed lately how many people can take some idea that is obviously just fun and try to turn it into a religion.  Perhaps these people are ready for the Druids to be in charge again.  They have forgotten how happy England was when Christianity came to England.  Christians don’t tell horror stories trying to control one another like the Druids did.  Do you know the story of “the Three Billy Goats Gruff”?  I know you have heard of witches and voodoo. These were invented by Druid priests to try to control the people through superstition.  Fairies are part of that world. They were fun to fantasize about when I was small, but I have my feet on the ground. I was so shocked to find that grown ups are running around up in the clouds trying to convince others that fairies exist!  We should try to have our feet on the ground.  We don’t’ need to be like the ones trying to force that guy into speaking in tongues.  Some people believe anything. Be sure of what you believe.  If you don’t know if you are a boy or a girl, take a Biology class or go to see a doctor and ask.

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  1. You can’t convert anyone by blogging. However, if you say you are a Christian, but don’t think Christianity is better than any other region, you need to work on it because Christians believe in God and in Christ. They wouldn’t be Christians if they thought believing in God was equal to belief in any other religion. This blog was simply urging people to check things out that they believe in, not to be superstitious. I am not here to write a blog about apologetics or argue with anyone. I was just surprised to even find out grown ups actually believed in fairies. To me, it is like believing in Santa Claus, fun, but silly. You can’t convert random people online, but you can urge people to check their beliefs out, use logic, and be adult in their thinking. I wasn’t trying to convert anyone. Just making a comment because I was surprised.

    1. hmm to explain my belief is another matter , but every christian sees the scripture in their own way no-one is identical, i just meant to point out, and using the example of santa again – we don’t tell the children not to believe we let them believe what they want cuz it makes them happy…. While faeries is much the same say, if people believe in it and it makes them happy in my eyes just leave them they are just like grown up children? In the bible it says come to me as little children etc, so this isn’t wrong at all as i see it. Now my fundamental law of Christianity on what god is (god is love) – as he says, so for me peoples beliefs are a part of what they love? Ie. You love it so much it became part of you and integrated it into your life

      1. Yes, you are supposed to become innocent like little Children as Christians. That means we are supposed to try not to sin and believe in God. The ten commandments are plain. There is only one God and we are to have no other gods. If we do, it is sin. The New Testament says there is one God and one Christ, and we get to God through Christ, no other way. It is not lack of love holding God up to the highest place. It is following the ten commandments.

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