The Difference Between Northerners and Southerners in the United States

I recently read an article written by a German who was raised in Austria trying to explain the difference between Germans and Austrians.  He said the Germans were more blunt and less friendly than Austrians.  He said Austrians were more conversational and were more likely to chatter on about nothing, He said they had more style than Germans. He found Germans rude and too straight forward and compared them to Americans.  I could only say that his acquaintance with Americans must be limited. Perhaps he only met northerners because the way he described Austrians could also be said about southerners in the United States.

adorable back view blur bun
A girl from the northern U. S. is more likely to look like this.//Photo by Garon Piceli on Pexels.com
portrait of young woman
Not particularly the scarf, but the girl from the south is more likely to be like this. She will fix her hair nice, wear makeup, and wear nice clothes.///Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

woman sitting in grey fur sofa
A girl from central or northern California might me more like this.//Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com
fashion people woman girl
 Minus the fancy vest, a girl from the southwest could be like the girl dressed in purple above or she could be like this. ///Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

If you are American and travel between the north and the south, you really feel the difference.  I have also found there is a difference between country people and city people in the north.  The country people in the north at times are similar to southerners, but not all.  People like to make fun of southerners for the way they talk, but they have more style than the northerners.  The women wear more make up.  Southerners talk to strangers.  They call one another “sweetie” and “honey.”  They just overall, feel friendlier than the northerners.  You are more likely to get invited over for a meal in the south than in the north, especially if you go to New York City.  In New York City, I went into a restaurant to sit down and get a cold drink because I had been walking all over the place, and they told me that if I didn’t order food, I had to leave, but I wasn’t hungry. I was hot and thirsty, so I had to leave. A restaurant in the south would have brought me cold water and been gracious. I was going to order a soft drink, but I didn’t have a chance.

taxi overtaking bus
New York City taxi cab drivers really have a unique reputation for being blunt in America.///Photo by Kai Pilger on Pexels.com

My sister married a guy who grew up in New York City.  I went to New York to visit them, and we were staying at her mother in law’s house.  The way her mother in law expressed herself, I thought she didn’t like me at all, but come to find out, she loved me!  She was blunt, the way the German/Austrian guy described the Germans.  The people from the north come right out and say things regardless of how someone might feel.  At times, I have heard people from the north describe people from the south as “liars” because the people from the south tip toe around people and are so reluctant to hurt someone’s feelings by how they express themselves. Many people don’t understand Donald Trump because he was born and raised in New York City. He expresses himself the way his culture taught him to express himself.  In his culture, he is a nice guy, but many Americans have had to get used to him, and some still don’t quite understand him.

pink and yellow flowers
When southerners talk, you will feel like they are handing you a bouquet of flowers.  If there is anything negative in what they say, it will be buried in the flowers.  They aren’t lying.  They are just trying to spare your feelings.///Photo by Secret Garden on Pexels.com

When I read literature from the south with my students at the university, I try to explain the southern mentality to them.  It is not that the southerners lie.  It is that they go in circles about what they say at times.  You will get the truth from them. However, you might get it hidden in a bouquet of flowers, figuratively.  The southerners are easier on your self esteem than the northerners.  If you go to the north, you just have to get used to people not padding what they say and become harder than if you lived in the south.

When you talk about Americans, it is one country that it is the hardest to make generalizations about. If you have met some Americans, there is no guarantee you really know what Americans are like. America is a huge country.  There is a difference between the people from the north and the south.  There is a difference between city people and country people. There is a difference between people from L. A. and San Francisco, and that is just in one state.  In the south, we have the south west and the south east. There are similarities between these groups, but there are differences too.  Ohio is in the north, but when I was in Ohio, I found many of the people in the Ohio Valley to be similar to people from Oklahoma in their caring nature.  However, there were those who were more blunt there too.  Just the location also doesn’t include the cultures we bring from our grandparents and great grandparents.  Were our grandparents German?  Were they Chinese?  Perhaps they were English or American Indian.  If they were American Indian, different American Indian tribes have different cultures.  Culture is passed down through the family.  Ways of doing things and innate ideas are passed from generation to generation.  Americans could look like anything, and they are so diverse that it is difficult to pigeon hole what a normal American is like. A Japanese friend of mine said you couldn’t generalize about Japanese people, but you really can’t generalize about Americans more than any other place on the planet.