A Good Korean/English Laugh!

There are two British guys who try to speak Korean. Their names are Josh and Ollie.  They call their Youtube channel “Jolly.”  These guys try to speak Korean. The one who is not married to a Korean does a great job with Korean. The one who is married to a Korean is known for butchering Korean.  A couple of years ago, their Youtube channel blew up and got extremely popular among the Koreans.  A lot of the students from Seoul National University were watching it when my daughter was a student there, and they thought these guys were full of bologna and funny, but my daughter ignored them.  The Koreans learned who these guys were because so many people were watching them, and lots of Koreans were watching them. They became very popular.

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My daughter just watched one of their videos. At first, she didn’t realize who it was, but figured it out as time went.  They were calling random Korean people up and talking to them.  The guy who can speak Korean better is trying to teach his friend to speak Korean better. Josh was calling random Koreans up and insisting that his friend, Ollie, talk to Koreans in Korean thinking he will sink or swim.  Ollie has terrible pronunciation, so bad the Koreans can hardly tell what he is saying. Josh called a Korean up, and then he gave the phone to Ollie.  The Korean couldn’t understand him.  The Korean said, “You sound worse than Ollie.”  The Korean didn’t know that was who he was actually talking to.  Ollie told him who he was, and the Korean didn’t believe him.  The Korean thought he was a Korean acting silly and told the Englishman he shouldn’t be making prank calls. The Korean ended up hanging up on the Englishman.

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They speak in Korean with English subtitles.  My daughter walked out of the room laughing after she told me about them.  She said watching a guy who is completely linguistically inept trying to talk to random Koreans is extremely funny. If you are interested in laughing at nonsense, go to “Jolly” on Youtube.

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