Other Food I Found on My Trip to Japan

The last time I went to Japan, I showed you the Japanese rice balls I eat from the convenience stores that have seaweed wrapped around them. I also showed you the gioza and the hole in the wall restaurants where I like to eat.  This time, I didn’t go to Osaka. I went to Kyoto, and I stayed close to Kyoto Station.  I looked and looked for hole in the wall Japanese restaurants because I love them, but there just weren’t any around Kyoto Station.  There were restaurants, but not the same as the ones I enjoyed in Osaka.  You see, it seemed that Kyoto was overflowing with foreigners and tourists from everywhere.  It looked to me like the people around the train station were trying to cater to all these foreigners.  I didn’t see much Japanese food outside of my hotel, but I saw other interesting things.

I always drink a lot of this when I go to Japan.

Across the street from my hotel, there was a place called the Kenyan Cafe.  I have never been to Kenya, but I thought it might be interesting to try, so I went in.  It wasn’t Japanese food. It wasn’t Kenyan food either.  The cafe specialized in different kinds of pancakes and toast.  The Japanese exchange student who stayed at our house in the states told me that Japanese ate pancakes, but as a snack, not for breakfast.  When I was a student in Japan, there was a place some of the students went for lunch they called the toasto hut.  I actually never went there, but they said it served nothing but toast, and they ate toast for lunch. This restaurant was even serving white chocolate pancakes.

Here is the cream puff I ate. It was full of custard, and delicious!  The Japanese are good at this kind of thing.

I poked around looking for a place to have dinner.  I saw a French cafe that looked really expensive, so I didn’t go in.  I saw Baskin Robbins, but I didn’t want just expensive ice cream.  I saw McDonald’s, but that is not my preference of a type of place to eat even if it is cheap. However, I ate a strawberry shake there for lunch one day.  It was a far sight cheaper than Baskin Robbins.  I saw a Mister Doughnut place, but I don’t normally eat doughnuts.  It just looked to me like the Japanese in Kyoto were just catering to all those foreigners who came to site see.

The crust on my minced meat pie was extremely flaky.
Here is what the inside of my minced meat pie looked like. It was delicious!

I finally found something that wasn’t Japanese, but it looked appetizing, and it was good. I found a place that only sold pies.  I ordered an English style minced meat pie.  I remembered the talk about how spicy they were when I was a little girl in England, but guess what—after living in Korea, they didn’t seem spicy at all.  My minced meat pie was actually delicious. I drank something with it that the Japanese have borrowed from the British that I love.  I had a bottle of sweet tea with milk in it the Japanese call  miliku tea.  For desert, I found a cream puff full of custard.  I told you when I went to Japan before that I discovered many years ago that the Japanese can do a good job baking, and they do a good job on their cream puffs.

I finally got a bowl of soba noodles with two big pieces of tempura battered, fried shrimp on top, something I really enjoy in Japan.

I enjoyed my English food, but I was a bit disappointed at only being able to find Japanese food for breakfast at the hotel, but not in the restaurants in Kyoto. If I had been in a car and known the place better, maybe I could have found more restaurants and found a good Japanese one.  Once I got to the airport this evening, though, I was able to eat a Japanese dinner.  I had gotten away from Kyoto, so that probably helped.  I had soba noodle soup with a couple of large shrimp that were tempura battered and fried.  I really like the Japanese noodles as well as their tempura.

I didn’t eat this.  It is candy. There is a tradition my dad began many years ago at our house.  When we travel, we bring back gifts. I brought this back for my daughter and son in law to enjoy from Japan. 


Another kind of Japanese candy I brought back to give to friends. My daughter told me she ate a lot of candy like this when we lived in Japan.

It seems the Japanese in Kyoto were catering to all those foreigners coming in to site see. I still ate my rice balls with seaweed on the outside from the convenience store. When I go to Japan, it is just part of what I like about Japan. However, the catering to all the foreigners in Kyoto is good and bad.  Many don’t want to be adventurous, but just want to come and see. However, there are some of us who appreciate Japanese food, just not at breakfast. I was happy to be able to finally eat some Japanese food that wasn’t from a convenience store and sorry it waited until I got to the airport.


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