I am in Japan! わたしはにっぽんへいます。

Early this morning, I got on a plane at Icheon Airport in S. Korea. I have been traveling all day until now. Now, i am in Kyoto, Japan.

I was having fun on the plane. Two Japanese ladies sat next to me. They really loved speaking to me in Japanese. They looked at my maps and gave me directions. They were from Kyoto, and they knew exactly what I should do to get to my hotel when I arrived. They gave me candy, and I know in Japan if you want to be friends, you give a gift. I hadn’t expected to meet anyone who wanted to be friends, so I had nothing to give back. In Japan, if someone gives you a gift, and you want to be friends, you give them a gift back, but I wasn’t prepared.

When I arrived in Osaka, one of the ladies who worked at the airline began talking to me. She was thrilled to find out I could speak Japanese. She went with me all the way talking to me about the weather and about my lunch and my suitcase. She saw me to the bus stop that took me to a big train station. I got lunch at the big train station.

I took a train to Kyoto. There was a man who worked in the station who I asked directions from. He tried to answer me in English, and I had no idea what he was saying. I just told him plainly and flatly that I didn’t understand when he spoke English, and he had to give me directions in Japanese. He gave me directions in Japanese, and it got easy to understand him.

On the train, a lady sat down next to me, so I asked her in Japanese where she was going. She couldn’t understand, so I tried Korean, and she still didn’t understand. I decided, “Okay, English is an international language. Try English.” I tried English, and she didn’t understand. “Okay,” I thought, “This is a long way from Mexico and Spain, but it is the only other international language I know,” so I tried Spanish. After all, sometimes Spanish could work in the Philippines. Finally, she communicated that she only spoke Chinese! Well, you are out of luck there. I know no Chinese. After she left, I talked to the ladies across the aisle in Japanese, and the responded in perfect English saying, “I am sorry. I don’t understand. I am Korean.” I was surrounded by non Japanese on the train. All the foreigners were going to Kyoto.

I finally made it to Kyoto. As soon as I got off the train and went into the station, a robot stopped me and tried to talk to me. I was just so surprised, I just took its picture and went on. I kept seeing a group of girls in Kimonos, so I took their picture for you. The Japanese ladies on the plane were right. My hotel was easy to find.

I am resting after the trip now. My yukata (Japanese summer kimono) and an origami paper bird were waiting on my bed for me like the last time I came to Japan. The weather is hot, so I have turned the air conditioner on. I have a big deep bath tub again, and will be taking a ofuro (the Japanese bath) later. I love Japanese bath tubs!! You can sit in them, and the water comes almost up to your chin.

I picked up a map of Kyoto. I will be looking it over to decide what I want to see tomorrow. I am using my phone rather than my computer because I didn’t bring my computer this time because they almost delmolished it in customs last time I came. I tried to put a picture at the heading of my article, but my phone doesn’t seem to let me to it, but I have shared some pictures with you. If you know my expertise with electronics, I was lucky to figure out how to send a blog from my phone.

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