The Lady Who Hid in a Field all Afternoon until Dark

If you read the post I wrote just before this one, the one about an Algerian spy who baby sat me in Morocco, there is a connection with that story and the lady who hid in a field. The lady was older than I am when I learned her story, but she was a teenager when it happened to her. We were at a Ladies’ Church Retreat in Texas, and the ladies were playing the game “To Tell the Truth.”  If you have never played that game,  you need three people, and everyone else plays.  One of the three people has done something unusual, and the crowd asks questions of the three people.  The one who did the unusual thing is supposed to tell the truth, but the two who didn’t do the unusual thing are supposed to lie and make the others think they were the ones who did it.  At the end of the game, the winner is the person who figures out who is telling the truth.  We played the game twice, once with my story, and once with an older lady’s story.  Hers was funny and embarrassing for her, but she laughed it off.

woman standing in the middle of crop field
Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas on Pexels.com

woman in long sleeved dress surrounded by water plants
She went skinny dipping to cool off.///Photo by Alise AliNari on Pexels.com

She lived out in the country growing up.  She was working in the fields.  The weather was extremely hot!  Everyone else had gone home, and she was still there working alone.  There was a river nearby, so she decided to cool off and go skinny dipping.  Have you heard of skinny dipping?  It is when you take all your clothes off and go swimming without any clothes. It is really usual for the lady who did it to have done it.  Ladies who go to church don’t usually skinny dip, but she was young and foolish and decided that no one was around and it was hot, so she would take her clothes off and jump in the river.

panoramic photo of bushes near pond
She searched all around that river for her clothes, but they were gone!/////Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


She hid in the tall plants where no one could see her until it got dark, and then she sneaked home without any clothes on.


She cooled off, and when she got out of the river, her clothes were gone.  She was afraid that someone had stolen them, but she never figured out where her clothes went or if someone had stolen them, or even who did it.  When she got out and found her clothes gone, she was in trouble.  She couldn’t go back where people were with no clothes on.  She decided to wait in the field until it was dark and then sneak back to her house. She waited all afternoon in the field sitting among the plants letting the plants cover her.  When the sun went down, she sneaked home and sneaked into her house. As far as she knew, no one saw her.  However, someone may have since they stole her clothes.