The Car South Koreans Need

We saw a car sitting inside at E-Mart today. It was a very unusual car because it was small.  It wasn’t a toy. It was a real car.  Some people have tried to solve the problem of narrow Korean roads by riding around on joy stick wheel chairs or motor cycles instead of going in cars, but those things can get dangerous, and when it gets cold outside, you would much rather be in a car.  The roads are so narrow at times in Korea that if you meet oncoming traffic, you have to pull off to the side as far as you can get, and then let the other car slowly inch around you while you are both hoping there is enough room for them not to hit you. I often use an American expression to describe what they do. I say the cars are doing a dosey doe which is a barn dance move where two people walk around one another with their backs to one another.  As I have pointed out several times before too, the parking spaces are very small in Korea.  Koreans are really in need of this small car I saw today.

This is a Korean two lane road. However, look on the left.  It is full of parked cars.  If you go down that road, you could meet a car coming your direction because the other lane is filled with cars.  If that happens, you have to pull as far to the right as you can and let that other car inch slowly around you hoping they don’t hit you.  This road is actually broader than some I have driven on, and it gets really complicated .  Some have only one lane, and people still want to park their cars along the street.  It gets really difficult going down these narrow streets sometimes. If your car is too big, it is easy to get it scratched up on each side on narrow Korean roads.

Every country seems to develop vehicles according to what they need. England had an interesting small car once upon a time. I don’t know if they use it anymore, but this car reminded me of what they had in England. The difference, though, is this car has four wheels, but only one seat, the driver’s seat. In England, they had a car that had two seats, but only three wheels.  They put only three wheels because they paid taxes according to how many wheels they had on their car, and some bright person invented a car with only three wheels for those who didn’t want high taxes. Here in Korea, they have invented an unusually small car because of their lack of space both on the roads and in the parking lots.  In Texas and Oklahoma, you are going to see a lot of pick up trucks because there are many people who own animals and need to haul thing around in the back of those trucks.  Many Americans with big families were buying station wagons in the 1960’s to haul all those kids, and as time when, they graduated to buying vans to carry all those kids. In Romania, the vehicle they use in the villages because they want to haul things is a horse and cart. They consider them often times more useful than a car. Korea’s biggest problem is space, and someone has come up with a solution to it with this vehicle I saw today.

Here is the car I saw.


It has all four wheels.
As you look through the windshield, you can see there is a steering wheel in the middle of the car and one seat.
This is a shot from the side window.  You can see there is one seat and the other car door is on the other side of the seat. The only thing behind the seat is a little storage space. The wheel you can see on the left side is the back tire.  The seat you see is the driver’s seat. It is an unusually small vehicle.

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