Wow! I Loved the New Aladdin Movie!

I thought I would like to see a Disney Movie about Aladdin where there were actors instead of a cartoon when they told me about it, but I didn’t realize that Will Smith was going to play the genie.  When I got there and saw the movie posters and saw that Will Smith was the genie, I knew the movie would be fabulous, and it was!  He wasn’t the only one who did a good job, though.  As far as I am concerned everyone did great!20190524_224426-2.jpg

I must admit that when I saw the cartoon version of Aladdin, I was a bit disappointed. You see, I am a reader, and the cartoon version just didn’t come up to the original story, but I loved Robin Williams as the genie.  It was just the opposite with my kids. My daughter who went to the movie with me this evening was busy comparing the Aladdin cartoon to the movie this evening, and even though she liked the movie this evening, she was missing things she saw in the cartoon, but I only saw the cartoon once, and she has seen it numerous times.  I had already adjusted to understanding after seeing the cartoon movie that they would not follow the original story, so the story being different from the original story didn’t bother me at all this evening. However, my daughter kept talking about how she thought mistakes were made because it wasn’t like the cartoon.  What can I say?  We always think our first acquaintance with something is the best.  I had a counselor friend tell me once that we believe whoever tells us first even if it is a lie. If they told us first, we are more likely to believe them.  We like the way we saw a story presented first, and I read the book first, and my daughter saw the cartoon movie first.

He is still one of the coolest guys every to be in Hollywood.

However, I left my prejudice aside this evening and didn’t expect it to follow the original story or the cartoon movie, and I completely enjoyed the movie.  I enjoyed it as an entity all its own.  I thought all the actors did a great job, and Will Smith didn’t disappoint at all.  My daughter told me she wondered if he could pull off being the genie because she really liked Robin Williams as the genie too, but she was not disappointed in Will Smith in the genie at all which I could have predicted.  Will Smith is still that funny, talented, suave, sophisticated guy that we all saw first as the Fresh Prince of Belair, just an older version.  He showed us in this movie that he still has it.  He was every bit as good as Robin Williams if not better as the genie, the big blue guy.

Princess Jasmine

I am pretty sure I have seen the actress who played princess Jasmine somewhere else.  She did a great job, and has a wonderful singing voice!  If the actor who played Aladdin didn’t have a stunt man, he is one talented guy on his feet.  After he ran all over the city from building to building in the beginning, then in the palace, he danced wonderfully, even break dancing and flipping,  As far as the guy who played the Visor, the character was just as evil, but I didn’t feel the actor showed as much talent as the genie, Jasmine, and Aladdin. Perhaps his part didn’t give him enough of a chance.  Yes, he did evil things, but I couldn’t see it in his face.  Maybe the guy who played the part was just too nice of a guy for such an evil part.


My daughter says she is ready to buy the sound track because the music was great!  She is right. Everyone did a great job with the music. I didn’t realize that Will Smith could sing on top of everything else he can do, but it doesn’t surprise me because he seems to be able to do anything that is thrown his way.  I loved the way they made the music and dancing like a combination of America mixed with Bollywood.


They did something else that the world is going to see.  Princess Jasmine wants freedom to be herself and not shut up more than ever!  America has been concerned about the women of the middle east being treated badly because they are women. American women have a tendency to speak up and not shut up.  They won’t let men step on them anymore, and they want the women from the middle east to be the same, and Princess Jasmine even sings about how she won’t shut up, and that she has thoughts worth listening to, and she will be heard!!  The law of Agraba says a man must be sultan, but in the end, her dad makes Jasmine sultan.  That is one very forward thinking Arab!!  It is really hard to imagine anyone from the middle east thinking a women should be sultan.  However, I know that there are women politicians in Pakistan and India. Jafar tried to shut Princess Jasmine up, but she won’t shut up. 20190524_224513-1.jpg

Something I really enjoyed was the movie began with Will Smith as a dad telling his kids a story.  It gives you the feeling that it all might be hype that a dad made up to entertain his kids like my dad used to do.  My dad would say things like, “I saw Peter, Paul, and Moses playing ring around the roses, and I’ll lick the guy who says it isn’t so!”  My dad also sang really silly songs to us, and Will Smith’s kids at the beginning of the movie ask him to tell a story and sing to them, and he does just that, and he puts himself in as a big blue genie who marries the Princess’ hand maiden and travels the world with her.  And, at the end, they show that the Princess’ hand maiden is the mother of the genie’s children.  The movie begins with Will Smith telling his kids a story, and ends with him telling the story.  Is it supposed to be a fanciful tale told by a father or in the context of the movie, is it supposed to be true?  I guess it is for the movie goer to figure out. It’s a great movie!  Go see it and enjoy it!



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