To People Who Are Worried About How I Speak their Native Language:

I wrote a blog about my relationship with language.  Anyone who read that blog should realize that I have been a pawn in the hands of the world.  It was like my path was laid out for me before I was born.  I didn’t take myself overseas from the beginning.  However, I was taken overseas again and again, and I learned to try and learned to travel.  When I learned to try, people liked what I did and asked me to do it again and again. I may not speak your native language perfectly, but can you speak English perfectly?  Do you speak more languages than your native language and English?  I have been thrown into so many situations, and everyone wants me to speak their language.  Most people only learn English and quit, but English was my first language, and when I happen to find myself around people from another country, they all want me to speak their language, but I am only one person. I can’t speak every language perfectly.  It is impossible.  In some languages, I have had a better chance to study and develop the language better than others, but I always try.  When I came to Korea, I didn’t apply for a job in Korea, but I needed a good job, and when they offered, I came.  I was tired of learning languages. I wanted to perfect the ones I had begun learning, but was never given a chance. I was always presented with another language that people wanted me to study.  I am sorry if I don’t speak your native language perfectly, but can you speak English perfectly, and how many languages can you speak?  I have actually had people pull me aside and try to give me lessons in their language because they heard me speaking another language, and they were wishing it was their language I could speak, but I am only one person.  I can’t speak every language on the planet. Please give me a break if you see errors if I type something in your language. I try, but I am not perfect or all knowing. However, I know you will never be able to do a language if you don’t try. To speak a foreign language, you must accept that you aren’t perfect or you will never be able to do it. You have to be willing to make mistakes in order to speak another language.

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