“King of Kings” (Rege al Regelor)

Buna Ziua.  Astazi, nu am mult timp, asa am crezut ca incept cu blog meu in limba romana din cauza ca vorbesc limba romana mai usoara decat cele alte limbele pe car vorbesc. (Hello. Today, I don’t have a ot of time, so I thought I would begin with my Romanian blog because I speak Romanian easier than all the others that I speak.) Asta va face tot sa mearge mai repede. (That will make everything go faster.) Unul dintre oameni pe care urmeaza blogul meau mi a cerut sa faca ceva pentru cel pe care urmeaza blogul meau. (One of the followers of my blog asked me to do something for those who follow my blog.) Ei au zis ca le place poezi, si trebuie sa fac mai mult, dar si le place cuntecele. (The said that they like poems, and I should do more, but they also like songs.) Ei mi a zis ca cele mai mult de oameni pe pamant stiu mult cantecele despre Dumnezeu, asa poate ari fi bun daca scriu cantecele despre Dumnezeu ca poate oameni stiu  in limba lor, si este mai usor sa invata un cantec pe care deja sti. (They said to me that most people in the world know a lot songs about God, so maybe it would be good if I write songs about God that maybe people know in their langauge, and it is easier to learn a song that you already know. ) Am zis asta la cinevea de aici pe care urmeaza blogul meu, si el a zis ca cele alte pe care urmeaza blogul meau are dreptate ca cateodate el merge la bisercia unde ei cant in limba coreana si cateodata merg unde ei cant in limba engleza, si le place cand poate sa cant acelasi cantec in amendoua limbele. (I siad this to someone from here that follows my blog, and he said that the other who follows my blog is right because sometimes he goes to church where they sing in Korean and sometimes where they sing in English, and he like it when they sing they same song in both languages.) Asa m-am gandit sa fac ce ei au zis. (So, I decided to do what they said.)  Am invatat multe cantecele cand am locuit in Romania. ( I learned a lot of songs when I lived in Romania. ) Niste cantecele nu sunt in limba engleza, dar niste sunt. (Some of the songs are not in English, and some are.)  Am decis sa incept cu un cantec pe care am auzit niste copii roman cant pe care lor le place foarte mult, si oameni in America cant cantecul asta. (I decided to begin with a song that I heard some Romanian children sing that they like very much, and people in America also sing this song.)  Este un cantec foarte usoara, dar asta face celealte limba foarte usoara sa intelege si invata. (It is a very easy song, but this makes the other language very easy to understand and learn.) Sper ca stiti cantecul asta. (I hope you know this song.)

“Rege al Regelor”

“King of Kings”

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Rege al regelor,

King of kings, and

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Doamne doamnelor,

Lord of Lords,

Gloria, aleluia!

Glory, Halleluiah!

(Pana acum in cantecul, ei cant partea aceasta de doua ori. / Up until here, they sing this part two times.)

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Isus, prins al pacea

Jesus, prince of peace

(Si, ei cant partea aceaste de doua ori./ They also sing this part twice.)

Gloria, aleluia !

Glory, Halleluiah!

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