“Porque Yo no Pude Parar Para Muerto” de Emily Dickinson (Because I Could Not Stop For Death)

Hola, espero que hoy fue una dia buena para usted. (I hope that today was a good day for you.)  Aperece que todos le gusta ‘esta poema que envio’ ayer, por lo tanto decidio hacer una otra poema hoy. (It looks like everyone liked the poem I sent out yesterday, so I decided to do another poem today.) Me gusta Emily Dickinson poemas, por lo tanto te dare’ una poema de Emily Dickinson. (I like Emily Dickinson poems, so I will give you an Emily Dickinson poem.)

Porque Yo no Pude Parar Para Muerto

Because I Could Not Stop For Death

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Porque yo no pude parar para muerta—-

Because I could not stop for death——

‘El fue simpatico y paro’ para mi—–

He kindly stopped for me—-

El caruaje tuvo’ nosotros solamente—–

The carriage held but just oursleves——

y vida imortal

and immortality


Conducimos despacio–‘El no tuvo’ prisa

We slowly drove–He knew not haste

Mi trabajo y mi tiempo libre tambien

My labor and my liesure too

Por su calle civilazado —

For his civility–

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Pasamos la escuela donde los ninos lucharon

We passed the school where children strove

Al recreo –en el circulo—–

At recess in the ring–

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Pasamos los campos del grano miranda—-

We passed the fields of gazing grain—–

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Pasamos el sol listo para noche——

We passed the setting sun—–


Por lo contrario—‘El nos paso’—

Or rather–He passed us—

El rocio recogaron tiritando y frio—-

The dews drew quivering and chill—-

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Porque mi vestido fue solamente tejodo delgado

For only gossamer my gown–

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Mi chal fue solamente seda

My tippet–only tulle–

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Pasamos delante de la casa que paraceo’

We passed before a house that seemed

Un hinchazon de la tierra—-

A swelling of the ground—-

Podemos ver solamente un poco del tejado—

The roof was scarcely visible–

El parte de arriba del pared–en la tierra–

The cornice–in the ground–

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Desde ‘esto tiempo–es muchos anos—sin embargo

Since then–tis centuries —and yet

Es como es mas bajo de una dia

Feels shorter than a day

Vi las cabezas del caballos el primo tiempo

I first surmised the horses’ heads

Fueron hacia eternidad

Were toward eternity







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  1. I like the poems, too; and if I get around to it, it is a great way to memorize the Spanish lines. You might try using hymns and songs, too, since we already know many of those by heart and can easily sing the words in Spanish to help learn them. I have always found that I remember whatever I sing. You are really working very hard and doing a good job!!

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