The Japanese Liquor Delivery Boy

He lived on one of those small islands close to Japan that belongs to Japan.  After World War 2, his grandmother had been smart. She went to the small island and bought most of it cheaply.  His family owned most of the businesses on the island.  One of the businesses they owned was a big liquor factory.  In high school, he was told he needed to begin working, and they got him a job as a liquor delivery boy at the family business.

However, he had a problem.  Initially, he was young and naive and thought it was fun, but it got out of hand.  Every time he delivered the liquor, people would say, “Is it any good?”  He assured them it was, and they insisted that he drink some to show them it was good.  He was a high school student.  What high school student wouldn’t like to taste the liquor?  After a while, it became a joke with all the customers.  Everyone wanted him to drink it and show them it was good. They began getting him drunk, and they thought he was funny drunk.  It encouraged the customers to keep feeding him more and more liquor so they could all laugh at him.  He wasn’t happy with how things turned out.

When he graduated from high school, he quit the job at the family business. He had been scuba diving forever since he grew up on an island, and he got a job a a scuba diving instructor. He thought that was the path he should take. However, he ran into the same problem.  After work, all the scuba divers wanted to go out and have a good time. When he went, everyone wanted to drink, and they discovered he was funny when he was drunk, so they pumped more and more liquor in him because he was so funny.  He was unhappy again.  He decided there must be a way out. He didn’t want to go with the other scuba diving instructors after work, but they wouldn’t leave him alone. He needed a good excuse not to go. He decided to begin telling them he needed to study because he wanted to go to college. He didn’t want to go to college, but telling them he needed to study made them leave him alone. However, he did study, and he entered a university in Tokyo.

When he got into the university in Tokyo, he had the same problem.  All the students were getting drunk, and they wanted him with them.  Because of the hierarchy of the Japanese society, he wan’t allowed to say “no” because he was one of the younger students.  Most Japanese and Korean universities have the same problem, the older students forcing the younger ones to get drunk.  This Japanese boy just didn’t know what to do. It seemed like everywhere he went people were drinking and forcing him to drink with them.  He knew that all that drinking was unhealthy would kill him eventually.  There must be a way out!

He had another idea.  Perhaps if he left Japan, the people in other countries wouldn’t be drinking so much.  He enrolled in a language school to learn to speak English in Florida in the United States.  He was hoping this was the way to get away from the liquor.  However, he was disappointed again. They didn’t force him to drink, but the international students at the language school were all getting together for big drinking parties.  He confided his problem to an American black guy. It just so happened that he talked to the right person.The American black guy was also a Christian.  He suggested to the Japanese boys that if he wanted to get away from liquor, he needed to go to a Christian university.  The Japanese boy didn’t know anything about Christianity, and he didn’t know where any Christian universities were.  The American black guy helped him find a small Christian university in the north eastern part of the United States, and he went there.

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They Japanese boy was so happy! It was against the rules for the students to drink.  He finally found a place that made him happy!  He made lots of friends both among the Americans and the international students.  He began attending Bible classes.  He really liked the Bible classes. He wanted to be a Christian, but he was afraid his family in Japan wouldn’t approve.  He got a Christian girlfriend, but when she realized he was just going to Bible classes and not a Christian, she broke up with him. His heart was broken.  He still wanted to be a Christian, and he talked to his family.  Many Japanese are excommunicated from their families when they become Christians, and he wasn’t ready for that.  Finally, his family relented, and he became a Christian. He got his girlfriend back.  He proposed marriage to her, and she accepted. He took her back to the little island off the coast of Japan to meet his family, and they got married while they were in Japan.  However, they went back to America to live.  He wasn’t ready to fall into people trying to force him to drink anymore, and he had two good reasons not to drink now besides just thinking it was unhealthy, his Christian faith and his Christian wife, and he was a graduate of that American Christian university and the Japanese university.

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