The Japanese Boy Who Loved Diana Ross

There was a Japanese boy, loved Diana Ross, the American singer.  He had several of her recordings and was always listening to them. He thought she not only sang beautifully, but was the most beautiful woman in the world.  He wanted to know everything he could know about her. He also wanted to know about her country, America. He was constantly romanticizing bout her and about America. He studied English.  He went to a university where there were Americans.  He ran into American missionaries there and went to their Bible classes, and he loved the American religion of Christianity, and decided he wanted to be a Christian too.

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There was an exchange student program between his university and an American university, and he applied to go on the program to America.  He was accepted and went to America for he summer with a group of Japanese students.

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As he was walking across campus one day, he thought he saw Diana Ross sitting in the grass playing a guitar and singing.  He got closer. It wasn’t her, but it was another beautiful American black girl.  He sat and listened to her play the guitar and sing, and he fell in love at first sight!  He wanted to marry this beautiful creature!  She was just like Diana Ross!  When the girl got done singing, he told her she was as beautiful as Diana Ross, and she smiled. She was very complimented. He told her he wanted to see more of her, and she consented.

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They hung out a lot together that summer, and it made the Japanese boy very, very happy!  He had found the woman of his dreams!  He asked her to marry him, but she said she could never marry a Japanese because she couldn’t speak Japanese and didn’t know anything about Japanese food, so how could she cook for him? He told her it didn’t matter. He loved hamburgers, and she could make him hamburgers for the rest of his life.  She was very flattered, but she thought he was funny. She laughed at him a lot.

He couldn’t convince her to marry him, but he did convince her to write him letters.  He didn’t know that she had been studying to become a nun, and nuns don’t marry.  In every letter, he asked her to marry him.  She was perplexed because she loved the Japanese boy.  Every night, she got down on her knees beside her bed praying to God to help her know whether or not she should marry him.  She was extremely serious about God.

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He convinced her to come to Japan the next summer with the American group of exchange students.  He bought an engagement ring.  He picked her up at her boarding house in his car.  She was so happy to see him!  When he asked her in person and presented an engagement ring, she couldn’t help it, she said “yes.”

They spent the summer hanging out in Japan together. However, she had some trouble in Japan. Every Japanese person didn’t love black people as much as he loved her.  Many of them had never even seen a black before.  They would be sitting at a restaurant, and all the eyes in the restaurant would be on them, and the girl couldn’t take it, so they got up and left.  She always felt very conspicuous.  They finally decided they better live in America, so when they got married, they made America their home. He accepted everything about his Diana Ross because he thought she was wonderful, just like what he thought the real Diana Ross was like.

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