Sinbad the Sailor and the Giant Bird

Since I have done two blogs about Sinbad the sailor and people seemed to like them, I have decided to continue sending out Sinbad stories for you.  This is the story of his second voyage.  When he came back from his first voyage, it was quite a  relief to be home, and he wasn’t sure he would go out again, but he did.  In my previous blog, I placed his home in London, but he is actually from Baghdad.  On this voyage, he signed on to another merchant ship. He sorted through his things and found things that he thought the people along the route the ship planned to take would like to trade for, and he took off on another voyage.

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They had traveled for several days, and they encountered an uninhabited island.  The captain decided everyone needed to get off and take a break.  The men went running through the woods picking fruit and eating it and exploring. In general, they were partying and having a good time.  Sinbad wasn’t ready to party. He decided just to find a nice spot and sit and have something to eat and drink.  As he was eating, he grew sleepy, and he went to sleep.  When he woke up, the ship was gone!  All the men were gone too.  He looked out on the horizon and could see the ship sailing off without him.

He climbed a tree to see if there was a way off the island, and he couldn’t find a way off the island. He saw something big and white in the distance. He decided to go and see what it was.  As he approached it, he could see that it was huge, smooth and white. He wondered if there was a door. He walked all the way around it, but there was no door and no way to climb on it.  Soon, a huge bird came and sat on it, and he figured out that it was the egg of this huge bird.  He wanted off the island bad and wondered if this bird could be his way off.  According to Sinbad, the bird was a roc, a huge mythical bird that the people from the middle east talk about.  I researched to see what kind of bird it actually was, and the closest people can figure out it may have been a huge eagle, but the way Sinbad describes it, I have never heard of an eagle that big. Sinbad stood close to the egg, and the bird’s leg was next to him.  He took off his turban and he tied himself securely to the bird’s leg. When the bird took flight, Sinbad went with the bird.  He had accomplished his goal! He had gotten off the island!

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The bird set down on another island in a valley, and Sinbad quickly untied himself, and he was glad when he realized what the bird was doing.  The bird had lit in the valley because there was a huge snake. The bird grabbed the snake and hit it with its beak killing it so he could eat it. Sinbad got away, but he found himself in a strange valley. Initially, he was happy with where he was because he looked around and the ground was strewn with diamonds.  He picked some up and put them in his pocket. After that, he realized there was no way out of the valley and as the sun started to go down, he realized there were huge snakes everywhere.  If you have every lived where there are snakes, you know the snakes crawl at night.  He was scared and mad at the diamonds thinking, “What good are they if I can’t get out and am bit by a snake and die?”  He found a cave and a huge rock and closed himself in for the night.  He could hear the snakes outside hissing and slithering around, but he was safe inside the cave behind the rock.

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When morning came, the snakes hid from the sun, and Sinbad went out of his cave.  He was walking around upset about his predicament when huge pieces of meat began dropping over the cliff into the valley.  He had heard of people doing this.  They were throwing the meat into the valley in hopes that some of the diamonds would stick to the bottom of the meat and a big bird would come and pick the meat up to take it to its nest. When the bird got to the nest, the people would shoo the bird away and find the diamonds on the bottom of the meat.  He had an idea!  First, he loaded his leather purse with even more diamonds, all the diamond he could carry. He took his turban off again.  He tied himself to a piece of the meat.  When a bird came and took the meat, he took Sinbad with it, and Sinbad wound up in the nest of a great eagle, or a “roc” as he put it.

The people came to the next to get their diamonds. They shooed the eagle away and found Sinbad.  They were mad at him!  He had fixed it so they sacrificed their meat without getting any diamonds. He told them they didn’t need to be mad because he had enough diamonds for them, for him, and for everyone.  He offered the man the nest belonged to the diamonds. The man got in a better humor and only took one diamond saying he had made his fortune with just one nice diamond.

When the men left and journeyed home, Sinbad went with them.  They passed over the mountains and through another valley where there were lots of snakes. They were lucky enough to get away without any of them being bitten, then they came to their ship.  He boarded the ship with them, and they sailed to the island of Rohat where he said there were camphor trees. I looked Rohat up, and Rohat nowadays is a city in India, not an island.  From what I could discern,  Sinbad was probably in the China sea on the island of Madagascar. He said that he saw a rhino and an elephant fight.  The rhino gored the elephant with his horn, and then picked the dead elephant up with his horn. The blood of he elephant got into the rhino’s eyes. The rhino fell to the ground because he couldn’t see, and when that happened, Sinbad said a great bird he called a roc swooped down and grabbed the elephant and the rhino with his great talons and took them off to his next to feed his babies.

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It all sounds rather fanciful to me, and Sinbad knows it.  He was at the docks telling stories again, and he could see that the people didn’t believe what he was saying.  He told them that if the didn’t believe him, they needed to go to Rohat and see for themselves, which we know now was Madagascar. He sailed from Madagascar back to the middle east to his home Baghdad.  When he got back to Baghdad, he thought it was only right to share some of he diamonds with the poor.  He then went home, and the next day, went to hang out at the dock again relating his story. After he told his story, he told the people he would be back to tell another story on the following day.  Stay with me, and I will continue relating stories for you too.


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