Who Let the Pigs Out?

When I was a little girl in England, my sister who was only 1 1/2 years older than I was and I spent a lot of time playing together and with the neighbors.  I was 5, and she was 6, and Anne and Gary who lived across the road were close to our age. We were always up to something together.  Often the pigs got out in our neighborhood, but no one knew how. They would be in everyone’s yards.  They would be in the old woman’s flowers.  They would be running across the lawn.  They were more of a nuisance than we were, and people had to catch them and put them back in their pen.

close up photo of person playing piano
Photo by Juan Pablo Arenas on Pexels.com

We were always busy having fun. We got in the tall grass and tied a bunch of it at the top, mashed it down in the middle, and made ourselves an Indian Tepee.  We swung in the trees and said we were putting on a circus.  We explored old, dark bomb shelters.  We made mud pies and fed them to the boy next door. We got yelled at by the neighbor lady for getting in her flowers. We went to the house behind Anne and Gary’s house and sang as a teenager played the piano for us. We climbed on top of our shed. We played chase. We did cartwheels in the road in front of our house until well after it was dark, and if we saw the headlights of a car, we would hide behind our fence until the car went by. We were kids, and we were just having fun. There isn’t a lot of anything silly that kids do that we didn’t try.  We were all over the place!

We also caused more trouble at times than you could imagine. There were pigs behind an electric fence behind Anne and Gary’s house.  We figured out that we could take a long blade of grass and touch the long blade of grass to the electric fence and get a charge. It was so much fun!  We often went back there and grabbed a long piece of grass and got ourselves a charge!  However, we didn’t know that every time we did it, we shut the electricity off.  When the electricity went off, since there was just one thick wire for the fence, the pigs discovered they could get away.  No one knew why those pigs kept getting out and running around the neighborhood causing trouble until my dad finally figured out that we had been shorting the fence out every time we decided we wanted a jolt.  My dad put a stop to everyone having to chase pigs all over the neighborhood.

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