Sinbad the Sailor and the Whale

Since I decided to tell you the story about Jonah and the big fish in my Spanish blog today, I decided that I would also tell you about the first voyage of Sinbad the sailor.  Sinbad had inherited money from his father and decided he wanted to make some money off the money.  He signed up on a merchant ship as a sailor.  His plan was to trade all along the way and bring the things home and sell them for a profit.  Things started out really well. They sailed over through some straights by the East Indies, and he was collecting lots of nice things to take home and sell after the journey.

sunset ship boat sea
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green island
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They had been out to see for several weeks, and they hadn’t seen any land, and they spotted a small grassy island. There didn’t seem to be anything else but grass on the island.  They pulled the ship up close to the island and the captain told them they should all have some shore leave.  Most of the men on the ship got off for a bit.  They didn’t see any wood, but they wanted to start a fire, so they brought wood from the ship they had with them to begin a fire and perhaps cook something good.

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whale s tail
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When they started the fire, the island began to shake, and there was a huge earthquake!  The island sank.  It wasn’t an island, but a huge whale, and when they started the fire, the whale woke up and dove because its back had gotten so hot it was burning.  The sailors were thrown everywhere!  They all swam for the ship!  Most of them got on the ship, but Sinbad wasn’t able to get on the ship before the ship took off trying to get away from the whale.  When they were off to sea, they realized that Sinbad wasn’t on board and looked for him, but couldn’t find him.

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Sinbad grabbed a piece of the wood that they had brought to start a fire.  He floated in the ocean for a couple of days until he was finally thrown up on a shore of a distant island.  When he was thrown up onto the shore, there happened to be some men there with horses.  The men told him that they were the kings’ men, and they only brought the horses there once a year.  That part of the island was uninhabited, and the men told him that he was lucky to have come just on that day because at any other time of the year, he would have thought the island was completely uninhabited.  They took him back to the other part of the island with them and presented him to the king.  The king gave him something to eat and some decent clothing.  He told the king he was a sailor, and the king suggested that he might be able to find some work down by the docks.  He said there was a foreign ship down there just now and suggested they might need a new sailor on board.

parked boats
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When Sinbad went down to the docks, there was a sailor there he recognized, and Sinbad realized the foreign ship was his ship.  The sailor was selling some things from the ship. He didn’t recognize Sinbad right away because they didn’t know one another well, and Sinbad asked him what he was doing. He told Sinbad that one of their ship mates had been lost at sea, and they were sure he was drowned.  He said those things belonged to the sailor, and they were going to sell his things and give the money to his family when they returned home.  They were planning on having a service to honor the dead sailor.  Sinbad recognized his things and asked, “What is the name of the sailor?”  The man replied that his name was Sinbad.  Sinbad told the man that he was Sinbad, but the man had trouble believing him thinking he was trying to take advantage of the situation and get the things he was selling for free.  However, just then, another sailor from the ship came along and recognized Sinbad. He was overjoyed!  “Sinbad!  How are you alive?!” he said as he hugged Sinbad.  Sinbad related the story of what had happened to him, and they gave him all his things back.

sunset ship boat sea
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When the ship sailed, Sinbad was with them again, and when he arrive at home, he had all the goods that he had bought along the way to sell for profit.  He lived happily with his family until his next voyage.

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