Fixing Steve

We were in Oklahoma, U. S. A. I was fourteen years old. We were living next door to my aunt and uncle in Choctaw, a country town outside of Oklahoma City.  My older sister and I hung out with my cousin who was next door. She was fifteen years old, just younger than my sister and just older than me.  Her boyfriend lived down the street.  He was one of eight kids of a Mormon family.  He had an older sister and a younger brother who also came around.  We spent a lot of time together as a group. At times, we went swimming in cow ponds that were in field across the way.  My younger brother, my boy cousin who was my age, and others also hung out with us sometimes, and when we had a big enough group, we played “Steal the Flag,” a game that took two teams.  One team had a flag in the front yard, and the other team had a flag in the back yard, and we had to steal the flag of the other team without getting caught. We all just hung out and had fun together.

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My cousin was really bothered by her boyfriend’s younger brother, Steve.  He was always going into her fridge and just taking anything he wanted. He would open the door, see a bottle of Coca Cola, and just open it up and drink it all. He might see an ice cream bar, and he would take it without asking and go ahead and eat it. Maybe he would drink a glass of milk. He just saw it and helped himself, but my cousin figured how to stop it.


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We had taken a trip down to Altus in southwestern Oklahoma.  We went to a place called Sulfur Springs.  There was a great place to swim!  It was a river with small water falls and swimming holes everywhere.  The water smelled strange. It had sulfur in it.  It was fine to swim in, but you would never want to drink it.  It wouldn’t hurt you if you drank it, but it smelled and tasted like rotten eggs.  My cousin had an idea, but she didn’t tell anyone.  There was a faucet where you could get sulfur water.  She filled a big bottle full of sulfur water.

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When we came back, she put the bottle of sulfur water in the fridge. It looked like just a regular bottle of water.  All the kids had come to play again, and Steve did exactly what he always did.  He helped himself into the house and headed for the fridge.  He opened up the fridge and saw the big bottle of cold water.  He grabbed it, opened it, and downed a big bunch!  He was never so shocked in all his life!  He ran to the sink and spit as much out as he could!  My cousin had told me what she had done, and we were wondering when we saw Steve go in the house if he would take the bait, so we sneaked in and watched, and he was quite a sight!! Steve never bothered her fridge again.

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