A Romanian University Party

When I was a professor at Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu, Romania, they were always having parties.  Often, they would invite the people from the American embassy.  I appreciated the people from the American embassy coming because the Romanians liked to drink, and I don’t drink.  I am actually pretty ignorant about alcoholic drinks.  The people from the American embassy always brought Coca Cola, and Coca Cola I know.  I have been drinking it since I was a little girl and love it. However, now a days, I drink it without the sugar.  I always knew what to drink if the people from the American embassy came and appreciated the Coca Cola they brought.

There was a party for the teachers from Lucian Blaga University.  I never tried to dodge the Romanians. They were very kind and courteous, and wanted to see me at their parties.  I worked out of the office of the rector who was one of my very good friends, and he would have been quite disappointed had I not attended functions like this. I can’t even remember the reason for this party, but I was disappointed because I didn’t see anyone from the American embassy there.

clean clear cold drink
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We were all standing around a big table full of good finger food and drinks. We were having small talk, mingling, and just going around talking to everyone.  Romanians are very good at mingling and having polite conversations, and I enjoyed doing it with them.  I decided I was thirsty, but since there was no one from the American embassy at the party, there was no Coca Cola on the table.  I looked around the table. I walked around the table looking at all the things there were to drink.  I just couldn’t find something that didn’t look alcoholic, and I didn’t know enough about alcohol to know one from the other.

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Suddenly, I spied what I wanted!  I saw a pitcher of water in the middle of the table.  I thought, “Someone was smart enough to realize  that not everyone might want to drink an alcoholic drink.”  I was very thirsty. I got a big glass and filled it with water. I turned it up, and got a big shock!  It burned all the way down.  It wasn’t water! It was vodka!  I really needed to find a glass of water after that because of the feeling of fire. I put the glass down and looked around. People were looking at me. They had realized I was shocked, and I was embarrassed.

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