North Korea Fires Missiles

Yesterday, North Korea fired several short range missiles east into the Japan Sea, or as the Koreans call it, the East Sea.  I read an article about it from China that I seem to have lost because I went back and tried to find it again, and it was gone.  The article said that North Korea hasn’t fired any missiles since 2017.  All that time, there were talks with President Trump in America they didn’t fire any missiles, but the talks came to a stand still in February.  They were at a point that it seemed to be going nowhere, so Trump paused, and nows, North Korea decided they wanted to be heard again.

Look on the west side of the map. There is a place where the land seems to come in and lots of roads lead to it. That is Seoul, the capital of S. Korea. Take your finger and move it directly east across the country to the other side of the peninsula.  Sokcho, the beach I like to go to so much is over there on the East Sea (The Japan Sea).  About 200 miles north of Sokcho, up in North Korea, on the coast, you will see where the land comes in again and the map looks more white.  Wason is in that area.  They shot the missiles north east from Wason, exactly the opposite direction from Seoul, but I can bet Japan didn’t like it because Japan is directly east of Korea across that sea. In fact, down in South Korea, there is a place that is so close they have a ferry.


If you look at the east coast of South Korea, you will see Sokcho beach, a great place for tourists, my favorite beach.  If you look on the map north of there in North Korean, they said the name of the coastal town was Wanson that they shot the missiles in a north eastern direction.  It looks on the map to be about 200 miles north of the South Korean border.

white house
Photo by Aaron Kittredge on Pexels.com

The article said the Blue House (South Korean’s White House over in Gagwhamun here in Seoul, not far from me) is monitoring the situation and keeping the American White House informed.  The article also said the North Korea is not happy about South Korea wanting to be a mediator between them and the U. S. They are calling South Korea “meddlesome.”  The missiles are directed the complete opposite direction of Seoul. Even though North Korea is bothered by S. Korea trying to help America, it would be a huge surprise if they every directed anything toward S. Korea. They actually would like to reunite with S. Korea, but even though S. Korea loves the North and wishes it could happen, they want nothing to do with the government up in Pyong Yang, the North Korean government.  The North knows that if it destroys Seoul, it would be cutting its nose off to spite its face because it would do no good to reunite the countries if they destroyed Seoul.  Seoul is very precious to all Koreans both from the north and south because it has been the center of Korean culture for centuries and centuries.

We all need to keep our eyes on North Korea.  I am glad the Blue House is monitoring the situation. No one needs to be taken by surprise.  Average South Koreans, again, are not worried. They are going about their daily lives as normal.

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