Seoul, S. Korea is in Bloom

I went to get the oil changed in my car today.  They asked me to sit and wait in the waiting room, but sometimes, I have trouble just sitting. I wanted to be doing something, so I got up and took a walk telling them I would be back soon.  I kept thinking, “Perhaps there is some neat little shop I haven’t seen before down one of these streets.”  I walked past an English Center, and it had flowers growing all around it. I walked past a big KIA building, and it had flowers growing all the way around it.  I walked past McDonald’s, another garage, a flower shop, and a small cake shop. One of the things that really hit me was that there were flowers everywhere!!

This is the word for “Flower” in Korean: 꽃= Kot= flower

I went back into the flower shop and took some pictures because the flowers were so pretty.  After that, I decided to take pictures of all the flowers because they were everywhere. It was like Seoul was blooming!  It is spring headed for summer.  There has been cherry blossom trees close to my house for a while.  This time of year, they always have a big flower festival over in Youido that we attend sometimes.  In Japan, this time of the year, they have Cherry Blossom Festivals everywhere.  I blogged about May Day in England yesterday which seems to be big flower festivals all around England.  My mother has always had a green thumb, and even though she is all the way in America, I can guarantee she has flowers blooming all around her house. In Romania, flowers are so important that there is a code to how to give flowers.  Never give an even number of flowers in Romania. Always give an odd number because an odd number symbolizes joy.

This is the kind of bouquet Koreans give at graduation.
These were in the flower shop. They are made as gift boxes.
Here is the front of the flower shop.

These were all inside the flower shop.

These were by the parking garage.

These were in front of KIA.

These were in front of the English Center.

These were in front of a random business that looked like it could have been a government building because there was no big sign.

When I got home, there were more. These were in front of my apartment building.

I was taking pictures of flowers everywhere, and I don’t remember what business was by all the flowers.  However, when I took a walk, all the flowers seemed to jump out at me because there were so many!  Yes, it is spring, and the Koreans are always sure to take extra special care of making sure their city looks nice, and they have done a good job planting flowers everywhere! If you go to the same places next year, they will probably have flowers, but maybe not the same flowers. Koreans love to dig flower gardens up and change the kind of flowers that are growing there.  They keep everything as up to date and pretty as they can.

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